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Parking Debt


It is not uncommon to reach into a money filled envelope and snatch a few large bills before exiting the home. It was exactly the step your correspondent exercised before leaving for a local shopping excursion.

The car was parked inside a Paterson Parking Authority operated site, where it costs 3 dollars to park for the first hour. Shopping was finished within 50 minutes or so.

Upon reaching into the wallet to pay for the parking, it happened: there was only a 100 dollar bill left.

The parking authority is barred from accepting large bills: nothing over 20 dollars was acceptable.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed at not being able to finish the transaction, to no fault of my own…

The clerk at the parking site asked for driver’s license which was promptly provided.

She then stepped out of the payment booth, looked at the rear of the car, and jotted down its license plate. A moment later she handed a small piece of white paper, an IOU, and said it had to be paid within 30 days or else the vehicle would be impounded.

Fearing the threat of impoundment, a visit was paid to the address listed on the sheet, and a payment was made for 3 dollars. Who, in their proper faculty, would want to lose possession of his car over a paltry amount?

When heading out, take heed, and bring small bills or a minor forgetfulness could leave you without a mode of transportation.