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Tenant finds her cable and electricity being stolen

Tenant finds her cable and electricity being stolen

Wilma Ariza walks into her kitchen, points at a speck of mold growing on the ceiling, and says, “Water’s been coming down from the top floor.” Due to water damage to the ceiling, at times, said Ariza, she avoids turning the kitchen light on for fear the bulb might blow.


Used Car Buying Nightmare

On West Broadway, at the very beginning of Totowa Avenue, sits a lot filled with cars. M&N Auto Group, a used car dealership, parks its cars inside the lot and outside in the nearby stretch in front of Totowa Avenue.


Parking Debt

It is not uncommon to reach into a money filled envelope and snatch a few large bills before exiting the home. It was exactly the step your correspondent exercised before leaving for a local shopping excursion.