Man Shot Near 12th Avenue | Paterson Times

Man Shot Near 12th Avenue


A man was near William Street and 12th Avenue when a gray or silver color vehicle pulled up, from inside the car someone demanded the man hand over his valuable; the victim attempted to run, and was shot in the right forearm, according to police.

The man walked to a nearby street where he spotted someone he knew, who transported him to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

Police have yet to catch the suspect, but are asking for tips from the public: 973-321-1342.

  • Tricia

    I'm so SICK of hearing about shootings in my old "hometown" of Paterson! How do all of these people GET guns? Surely, they're not "sterling citizens" who can simply walk into a gun shop, fill out the proper paperwork, do the "waiting period," then go pick up their weapon. I'm just grateful to hear that this man ONLY "got it" in the arm. Tired of feeling sick, reading about 20-somethings, dead from shootings and stabbings there. And people are still trying to "rebuild" Paterson and bring new businesses and shoppers in? I had a LOVELY childhood growing up in Paterson, but am glad that my Dad had the foresight to know when it was time to "get us out of there!" Sad to say, but unless by some miracle, the street violence is stopped, I don't see a "new future" for a once thriving city.