If a Tree Falls, Must You Clean It? | Paterson Times

If a Tree Falls, Must You Clean It?


If a tree falls during a storm and its root was in your property do you have to clean it? According to the Department of Public Works, the answer is yes.

In the 1st ward, in front of a residential home, a square of the sidewalk is blocked by a downed tree.

Some residents would assume since the tree fell as a result of Hurricane Sandy with no fault of the owner it would be cleaned up by the city, but that seems not to be the case.

A representative for the public works department informed this paper that the department only cleans up trees that have their roots in public property.

The representative did provide us with a list of tree servicing companies that, upon payment, clean up fallen trees.

If a tree has fallen in your property do not expect the city of Paterson to come out and clean it.