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Paterson teacher Thomas Weir faces new charges


Thomas Weir, a teacher from John F. Kennedy High School, is facing new charges of child prostitution, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Last week Mr Weir was arrested by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office in the parking lot of a local restaurant where he lured a male student by offering $50 for sex, through the Facebook messaging system. Few days later when he was in front of the court Mr Weir pleaded not guilty.

On Tuesday the prosecutor’s office revealed new charges against the teacher; it appears when he was teaching a 7th grade class at School Number 15, he also solicited sex from students, age ranging from 14 to 17 (based on those numbers it is likely that the student he offered $50 to was 17); as a result Mr Weir is facing three counts of child prostitution charges.

After learning of the incident last week Paterson Board of Education suspended Mr Weir with pay, as is customary in these situations. Mr Weir remains in police custody with a $500,000 bail.