Isiah Lowery, the northside mugger, arrested | Paterson Times

Isiah Lowery, the northside mugger, arrested

Paterson Police have apprehended the man who has been terrorizing the northern quarter of the city. Isiah Lowery, resident of East 22nd Street, was arrested by police officers earlier today, after around 10am, when he and another man knocked down an old woman, 40 something year old, and made way with her purse; the incident involving the older woman took place on Oak Street not far from School 15.

Last month the police department distributed pictures of Mr Lowery all over the internet in hopes of capturing him, but that did not help much. Instead police officers responded to the aforementioned crime scene, and after patrolling around the by-streets, identified Mr Lowery, who attempted to flee from cops. After a chase, police arrested Mr Lowery and his accomplice on the corner of Beech and Morton Streets.

Mr Lowery has been involved in more than 10 muggings mostly in the streets of northern Paterson; he has been charged with robbery, and will likely be charged on many more counts because police have opened the books on a long list of similar robbery incidents.