Eva’s Village hires chef to head its new culinary school | Paterson Times

Eva’s Village hires chef to head its new culinary school


Darryl Dela Cruz, a well-known chef who taught at Le Cordon Bleu, a culinary arts school in Seattle, Washington, was selected, earlier today, by Eva’s Village, an anti-poverty organization, to head its new Culinary School at Eva’s Village.

The Culinary School at Eva’s Village, which has been in works for the past two years, will help the needy by training them in careers in the food industry. “Eva’s board of directors authorized the culinary program more than two years ago, and we have been working diligently with an advisory board for social enterprise, to formulate the right program and recruit someone,” says Donna Marie Fico, director of marketing at the organization.

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday the organization sought a grant from Paterson’s Department of Community Development, to help fund the opening of its new school which would train the poor in acquiring necessary skills to find employment in the food preparation industry.

Mr Cruz and his family will relocate to Paterson for the job.

Most of the organization’s clients are the homeless, helping these individuals find work and providing them training to do so will free up resources to help others who are also in need of a meal or shelter.

The organization is seeking to enroll its first culinary arts class by 2014.