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Broadway gas station robbery leaves 2 wounded and 1 dead


A shooting at a Broadway gas station left two people wounded on Thursday and another dead some hours later, according to the Paterson Police Department.

At around 7:34 p.m. on Thursday a gunman walked into the Citgo gas station located on Broadway, and attempted to rob the station, when attendants resisted, resulting in the gunman unloading multiples rounds at the establishment. The bullets struck three people.

Nasir Hassain, 27, a Clifton resident, was wounded in the torso, and succumbed to his injuries on early Friday morning. A second victim was wounded in the thigh, and a third victim, who was shot in the neck remains hospitalized in critical condition in St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center.

When gun fire erupted, Audrey Cooley, an off-duty police officer, was inside the McDonald’s across the street, from which she heard the gunfire, and rushed out to figure out what was taking place. Cooley figured out the gunfire’s source, and rushed to the scene.

Moments following the violent robbery attempt, police officers responded to the scene, and chased down a suspect. Taheem Singletary, 19, a resident of Harrison Street, was cuffed in the backyard of Calvary Baptist Church, only few blocks from where the shooting took place.

A weapon was found in the yard, where the suspect was arrested, and it is being processed to see whether that was the weapon used in the shooting. The teenage suspect has been charged with murder, robbery, and weapon possession. The gas station has been the target of many robbery attempts, and each time the employees of the station managed to fend off the robbers.

  • Joyce A. Cox

    I still can't believe this. I go there all the time for about 20 years now. It is so sad to go by there and see it closed. My heart hurts. REST IN PEACE – NASIR.