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School board seeking a replacement for Mendez


The city’s school board is seeking a replacement for one of its own after school board member Alex Mendez captured a seat at the city council.

School board president Christopher Irving said last night the board is taking applications – resume and cover letter — to appoint a replacement until a special election is held in November. “I recommend anyone interested in for filling the vacancy to submit your resume by June 4th,” said Irving.

Mendez, who won a council at-large seat last week, is set to take his oath of office on July 1st. “My swearing in is on July 1st,” said Mendez. “I will continue up until the end of June.”

Mendez said he hopes the school board decides on a candidate who is committed to the city’s children. “What I’m looking for is a candidate who is committed to the community and is connected — somebody that’s going to be there for the children, for their best interest of the parents and the school district,” said Mendez. “I will let the board decide who is the best candidate to represent the community.”

Irving, during Wednesday’s short school board meeting, said he encourages civic minded residents to submit their resumes to the board, underscoring the importance of the volunteer position. “I want to encourage those who submit resumes to understand that this is serious business,” said Irving. “Although this meeting may seem short, this meeting preceded by almost a three or four hour workshop meeting which is preceded by one to two-hour committee meeting.”

“We are in a very important part right now, we’re almost ready to regain local control,” said Mendez. “So we got to make sure we continue the progress at the board of education.”

The school board has begun soliciting submissions.

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