Paterson gets almost $580,000 in State road resurfacing grant | Paterson Times

Paterson gets almost $580,000 in State road resurfacing grant


The city received $579,986 for its 2015 State Aid Road Resurfacing Program from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

The Chris Christie Administration announced the Local Aid grants on Friday which doled out $81.75 million to help municipalities with transportation projects without hitting property owners.

“Most of the Municipal Aid grants will support road resurfacing or preservation projects, and will help towns make much needed repairs after a brutal winter,” NJDOT Commissioner Jamie Fox said. “These grants promote motorist, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, mobility and quality-of-life projects.”

376 out of 630 grant applications received various amounts for transportation projects. Paterson received $250,000 in award and an additional $329,986 from urban allotment which works in favor of poor cities.

Paterson’s award was one of the smallest among urban municipalities. Newark received $1.3 million. Jersey City received $1 million. Trenton received 634,834. And Camden received 588,954.

The city also received $250,000 for sidewalk improvements along its Ward Street train station from NJDOT through Passaic County.