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Khalique’s brother allegedly threatened Passaic County elections chief at Paterson’s election recount


Councilman-elect Shahin Khalique’s brother allegedly threatened Passaic County superintendent of elections during last Thursday’s 2nd Ward election recount at the county administration building.

Shelim Khalique allegedly approached Passaic County superintendent of elections Sherine El-Abd after the recount at the freeholders meeting room. In a “hostile” tone he told her “Enough is enough” and he intends to pay her a visit from his nearby office and will “not be nasty,” said El-Abd.

“People don’t normally say that stuff unless their intention is malicious and the expression on his face was of great concern,” said El-Abd. She said his facial expression, tone of voice, and his body language was hostile.

El-Abd has been investigating allegations of mail-in voter fraud in the 2nd Ward for the past month and half. Shelim Khalique’s brother Shahin Khalique won the 2nd Ward election by utilizing 1,010 mail-in votes.

At the recount El-Abd told the Passaic County Board of Elections her investigation uncovered seven confirmed incidents of mail-in voters who cast ballots but were not eligible to vote in the 2nd Ward.

Shelim Khalique, who is the owner of school bus company A-1 Elegant Tour, did not return multiple calls for comments this week.

Police director Jerry Speziale said an interceptor was dispatched to her office last Thursday. He said El-Abd filed a police report.

“I filed a police report. I didn’t file any charges,” El-Abd said on Wednesday.

Shahin Khalique defended his brother. “My brother never threatened anybody,” he said. He said his brother was just asking a question.

“The department will not comment on security issues,” said Bill Maer, spokesman for the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, which is responsible for providing security at county buildings.

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