Disgraced Paterson mayor Torres seen working at the Brownstone | Paterson Times

Disgraced Paterson mayor Torres seen working at the Brownstone


The city’s disgraced former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres was seen working at the Brownstone House, according to sources.

Torres, who resigned from office in late September following a guilty plea, was spotted by patrons of the banquet hall.

Albert Manazo, who owns the Brownstone House, said the former mayor is assisting an executive at the iconic banquet hall with some real estate matters. There were speculations the mayor was working at the Brownstone House as a banquet manager.

Manazo, who has known the ex-mayor for decades, said the former mayor is not an employee of the Brownstone House.

Torres’ plea deal carries a five-year prison sentence. He used city employees to benefit himself and his family, according to prosecutors. His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 3rd, 2017.

Torres did not respond to a call and message seeking his comment for this report.

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  • Dominick Perez

    He was washing dishes lol I saw him.

  • Plumber

    bathroom attendant, wiping assistant, and then some

    • John E

      Yes, young Torres specializes in the wiping of many rectums.

  • John Smith

    Don't take joy in someone else pain

    • Bill the Kid

      He took joy in stealing from single mothers that gave up movie nights, outing with family, and scaled back Christmas celebration to pay property taxes….

    • Dominick Perez

      He's a sc*mbag, he did and got away with a hell of a lot more than what he got caught doing, screw him.

  • Plumber

    with all the pain he inflicted on the citizens of Paterson with the mind set that he was invincible, finally got caught, and now he's a victim, F**k Him, then at his hearing he stated he was sorry, yea he's sorry he got caught

  • Andres Rodriguez

    Is going to burn in hell that corrupt and those who support it will go to hell