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Ex-Paterson public safety director Brown throws support behind Sayegh


Former public safety director Glenn Brown, who terminated his campaign for mayor last month, threw his support behind councilman Andre Sayegh on Monday morning.

“I feel he’s the best candidate moving forward. That’s my reason,” said Brown, who served as public safety director under both former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ second term and Jeffery Jones, of Sayegh.

Brown has lived in the 6th Ward for more than 22 years. Sayegh, who represents the 6th Ward, welcomed the endorsement.

“He and I live in the same ward. We are neighbors. We share the vision for a safer and stronger city,” said Sayegh. “He has seen how the ward has become safer and stronger. He wants to see that happen in all six wards.”

Sayegh is in a six-way fight for the mayor’s seat. One of his opponent, Pedro Rodriguez, has said Sayegh has been offering cabinet level jobs to people for support. If Sayegh wins, Brown will be back at the helm of public safety, predicted Rodriguez last month.

“I haven’t made any promises,” said Sayegh, when asked whether he promised Brown a job.

“No,” replied Brown, when asked if he received a job offer from Sayegh. “I haven’t even considered anything about a position. I don’t even know where you’re getting that from.”

Former Passaic County sheriff Jerry Speziale currently holds the public safety director post. He is well liked and popular. Sayegh has repeatedly praised him at public meetings.

Speziale makes $92,000 in that role.

Brown’s performance was often questioned by mayoral candidate and councilman William McKoy.

McKoy does not view Brown as a good pick for a possible public safety director job. “I couldn’t endorse him in that position,” he said. He said Brown is following the lead of his campaign manager who endorsed Sayegh.

“I think they fit well together. Birds of a feather flock together,” said McKoy. “You look at the people flocking to Andre Sayegh. It’s out of shady relationships.”

Brown claimed four of the six campaigns reached out to him for his support. Sayegh said some of his opponents were vying for Brown’s endorsement.

“I don’t know what councilman Sayegh sees in value in that endorsement,” said McKoy.

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