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Labor contract for Paterson police motor pool employees approved


The city struck a collective bargaining agreement with police motor pool employees boosting base pay by $5,000, according to municipal officials.

Under the agreement with the Amalgamated Industrial Union Local 76B, which runs from Jul. 1 to Jun. 30, 2019, base salary is $30,000, up from $25,000, according to municipal officials.

“It’s an attempt to get people out of these really, really low numbers,” the city’s chief attorney Domenick Stampone told the City Council earlier in the month. Other labor union contracts have boosted the city’s extremely low base salaries to $30,000.

Two mechanics were earning $25,000 a year, according to payroll data. Their salaries will be boosted to $30,000 when the contract expires at the end of the next fiscal year.

The new contract introduced a modified grievance procedure and has a clause that will allow the city to switch members into the state health insurance plan.

“How much money are they due?” asked council president Ruby Cotton. Administration officials did not have a figure earlier in the month.

The police motor pool has less than a dozen employees, according to payroll records.

Council members approved the new contract on May 15.

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    Wait until they find out the Fire "Mechanics" Make $50k