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Teague: All-boys school needs teachers ‘willing to go above and beyond for students’


I read the recent letter submitted by PEA President John McEntee. In the letter, Mr. McEntee demanded an apology from Assistant Superintendent Warren because of her comments regarding the types of teachers being sought to serve the students at the Young Men’s Academy.

First, I want to go on record that I wholeheartedly support Ms. Warren’s statement. This school need to be staffed with teachers who are willing to go above and beyond for the students. They need to know how to work with you black and brown men, who are disproportionately impacted and targeted every single day.

It is crucial that we make sure the teachers who sign up to work at that school are willing able and committed to the task at hand. I don’t see Ms. Warren’s comments as being condescending or demeaning. I believe she has a right to voice her opinion like anyone else.

She is one of the most professional individuals I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. I don’t feel that replacing her would be a good idea, despite what the PEA is attempting to see happen.

Corey L. Teague
Former school board member

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Though normally I agree with Mr Teague on many issues I agree with McEntee on this one. I remember when the teachers at JFK were forced to reapply for their jobs and the administration tried to throw teachers under the bus..was it the teachers who had block scheduling which caused the students to pull the fire alarms 6 times a day? Gave students free passes after 80 absences and 300 cuts which they ended up doing again after their second (and third and fourth) chances? How many teachers were retaliated against because they refused to pass these students (Charlie Spinella and Louie Bonora come to mind) ? . My nephew was assaulted and robbed in the boys bathroom and Mr Valdez SUSPENDED HIM for "fighting" and was angry at my ex-sister in law for calling the police and filing a report and wanting to press charges!!! The teachers of Paterson gave(and give) their all and were constantly undermined by the administration(except for Silverstein and O'Brien who were great with my nephew) , and you see differences where there is competent administration who enforce discipline like when Ms Santana ran school 11 where my nephew went or Mr Carreiro (who is fantastic!) runs school #9 where my youngest attends. Discipline needs to be evenly enforced regardless of color…bending the rules and allowing totally unacceptable behavior which in other districts would get you expelled creates a dysfunctional system. A system where self motivated students cannot learn. If Paterson had such a system there would be no need for these cancerous charter schools.