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Passaic County prosecutor waiting for Jameek Lowery’s autopsy report from medical examiner


It has been three months since Jameek Lowery’s mysterious death following a bizarre series of events that started with a live broadcast at the Paterson police headquarters. His mother, Patrice King, is still looking for answers.

“I know y’ll don’t want to hear it. I just need answers. I’m going to keep on coming. I’m not going to shut up,” said King at the televised City Council meeting in Paterson on Tuesday night. “What happened to my son?”

King has repeatedly pleaded, sometimes in tears, to the City Council for answers. She’s not the only one waiting for the autopsy results.

“The PCPO has not received the report from the North Jersey Regional Medical Examiner’s Office,” said deputy first assistant prosecutor Michael DeMarco on Wednesday morning in response to an inquiry sent to Passaic County prosecutor Camelia Valdes. “Once the report is received it will be reviewed.”

DeMarco noted the case is still an “ongoing” investigation.

Lowery died on Jan 7. He called 911 on Jan. 5 from his home and told a dispatcher he had taken too many ecstasy pills and needed an ambulance to take him to the hospital. He arrived at the hospital, but became “erratic” and left.

Moments later, Lowery called 911 again, this time from Wendy’s on Broadway, telling the operator some people were trying to kill him. He then walked a short distance to the Frank X. Graves Public Safety Complex seeking assistance from police.

Lowery live streamed a video presaging his own death. He called 911 a third time from the police station. Police also requested an ambulance to take Lowery to the hospital. He walked into the ambulance. Inside, police had to use physical force to restrain him. He arrived at the hospital unresponsive.

It is not clear what happened from the time Lowery got into the ambulance to the time he arrived at the hospital.

“We have no information whatsoever,” said Michael Jackson, 1st Ward councilman, to the mother on Tuesday night. Lowery’s death sparked repeated protests at City Hall.

“Folks are appealing to us and I feel that appeal as a parent,” said William McKoy, longest serving member of the City Council, who has two sons.

McKoy suggested crafting a letter to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office to seek answers for the family.

“90 days is a long time. Without any information for this length of time is unconscionable,” said McKoy. “Say something to this family. Even if that means explaining the process.”

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  • Miss jamaica

    This mom should have her attorney send a letter to all parties involved. Sometimes when the attorney initiate the conversation,this will get ball rolling.
    We already know that the council don’t have the information, they will only have the information when your attorney serve the city .
    But I do agree with the council man that an explanation is needed.
    Give this mom or her attorney a timeline for completion that is warranted given the circumstances.
    If all else fail get 7 on your side.
    This is my opinion.