Paterson: Lawsuit filed to stop slaughterhouse in Hillcrest section | Paterson Times

Paterson: Lawsuit filed to stop slaughterhouse in Hillcrest section


A group of Hillcrest neighborhood residents have filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court to stop a proposed slaughterhouse from opening on Union Avenue.

“A slaughter house is a public nuisance where not allowed by municipal ordinance,” says Michael Rubin, attorney for the five neighbors — Francisco Rivera, Adelaida Mojica, John Chowdhury, Maria Arnau, and Mohammad Ahmed — in the lawsuit.

Rubin argues slaughterhouses are not permitted in a “B-2 Community Business District” like Union Avenue. The lawsuit says the Board of Adjustment’s approval of the application allowing a slaughterhouse at 234-236 Union Avenue was “arbitrary and capricious.”

According to the application submitted to the Board of Adjustment, the building’s first floor will allow for the sale of poultry, fish, and groceries. It also includes a butcher shop, and slaughterhouse for live poultry. The proposal was approved by the Board of Adjustment on Jun. 13, 2019.

The application was submitted by the Zahan Family Business. Municipal records show the building is owned by Abu Zahan and Abu Khaled. The lawsuit names the family and the Board of Adjustment.

Residents want a judge to reverse approval of the slaughterhouse.

Two dozen people appeared before the City Council in June to oppose the slaughterhouse.

“We have concerns about quality of life with this type of business,” said Tony Vancheri, a longtime resident of the Hillcrest neighborhood, at the June meeting. He said these sorts of businesses come with odor and rodents that will diminish the value of homes in the area. “We’re asking the council to sit down with us and hear our concerns. We want to make it right for the whole area.”

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  • Bigger than Ron

    These residents live off union ave or actually on it. THAT MEANS THEY DONT CARE ABOUT QUALITY OF LIFE. Union ave already has roaches and rodents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    What idiot approved this? I see the board of adjustment. Do they not check the zoning and use laws before approving things?They should all be fired.So should any others involved, including council members always in a rush to say yes or no without any research or consideration to residents. I completely avoid the area on Broadway near the police station, due to the slaughterhouses there. All the businesses in the area are losing me as a customer due to the animal murdering stores. It is horrific to see those animals packed in cages, and the smell is nauseating, never mind hearing the chickens scream when they get murdered. Union Ave, in that area purposely DOES NOT have a lot of businesses because no places of business means little to no people in the area. Why do you think Hillcrest stays as nice as it has? These disgusting stores have no place at all being in public along normal businesses. I hope all of you inept,corrupt employees get fired. And karma is right behind you for your evil and sneaky actions.

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    LOL White people like to live in NON SMELLY places. A pox on us I guess lol

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      I guess we are supposed to laugh at your comment Wonder Bread?

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        I grew up Piss Poor on Jasper St. So eat me "Wonder bread" My ass

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          Sorry how about cracker

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            Much better, thank you