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Paterson’s new $1.1 million salt dome needs $30,000 roof repair


Three years after it was constructed for $1.1 million at the dead end of Montgomery Street, the city’s new salt dome requires $30,000 worth of roof repairs.

Public works director William “Billy” Rodriguez disclosed the information last week. Councilwoman Ruby Cotton questioned the repairs by stating the salt dome came online only recently.

“Last year, we filled the salt dome. At the end of the year, there was so much salt that was sitting there that it busted a hole through the salt dome,” said explained Rodriguez. “All the salt in the dome right now is sitting outside the dome so we could make that repair.”

Rodriguez claimed the salt inside “punctured a hole through the roof.”

Councilman Luis Velez, vice chairman of the public works committee, clarified. Velez said the wall of the salt dome moved due to content pressure and caused a roof opening.

Velez wanted pictures of the damage.

The repair contract is expected to be awarded to W.J. McGrotty LLC of Glen Rock. The city solicited quotes from three firms. Prices ranged from $30,000-$35,000.

McGrotty submitted the lowest price, according to municipal records.

Velez said he wasn’t sure if anyone has been held responsible for the damage or if any employees were disciplined.

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  • John

    No one was held responsible. That's the overall Paterson mentality.

  • Unc

    Really? The person responsible will get a raise and promotion!! Fuck Up, Move Up!!