Paterson Parking Authority gets almost $6 million state tax credits to rehabilitate Blue Garage | Paterson Times

Paterson Parking Authority gets almost $6 million state tax credits to rehabilitate Blue Garage


The Paterson Parking Authority received approval for $5.89 million in state tax credits on Thursday morning to rehabilitate the Blue Garage on Van Houten Street, across the street from the Frank X. Graves Public Safety Complex.

Funds represent 40-percent of the $12.47 million total cost of the project, according to New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) documents. Funds will be disbursed over a 10-year period under the Mixed-Use Parking Economic Redevelopment and Growth (ERG) Program.

Project includes extensive rehabilitation of the 40-year-old garage at 125 Van Houten Street that’s near the end of its useful life, said Tony Perez, director of the Paterson Parking Authority, on Thursday afternoon.

Foundation of the structure needs to be reinforced, according to documents. Perez said beams, concrete, façade, and elevator have to be replaced to extend the life of the 431-space garage for another 40 years.

Perez said construction won’t start until Apr. 2021. He said the obsolete Ward Street garage construction has to finish before the Blue Garage work begins. A lot of customers displaced from the Ward Street garage will use the Blue Garage, he said.

Paterson Parking Authority is also leasing a 240-spot newly surfaced parking lot from developer Anthony LoConte and Straight & Narrow on the corner of Essex and Straight Street to accommodate customers of the Ward Street garage.

Perez said jurors will park at the surface lot. He said the three lots that make up the surface lot is being leased for $6,000 per month. Underground parking at the Center City Mall, which is used by shoppers, is not used by jurors, he said.

Besides rehabilitating the parking component at the Blue Garage, the Paterson Parking Authority will rehabilitate 2,500 square feet of existing commercial space, according to records.

The Blue Garage project has an anticipated completion date of Apr. 2022. The state requires the completion of the project before Jul. 2022.

75 temporary construction jobs will be created when construction starts to rehabilitate the Blue Garage, according to state documents.

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  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    $12.4 million, it'll end up costing double and you can be sure Perez and the rest of the thieves will get their cut.

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        Joey Torres, Erik Lowe, cops on the take, double and triple dippers, nepotism, bribery, the list goes on and on. When it comes to Paterson the allegations usually come to fruition.. I blame the idiot voters like you because you keep electing the same hacks and thieves in election after election and then complain about it lmfao… Oh, and one more thing, I'll bet this loser pays more in taxes on my business income in one month than you earn off your government assistance in a year. You're welcome :)

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            You can't fix stupid. That's why the same crooks and hacks continue to be re-elected because the sheep have been brainwashed to vote Socialist .The best thing you can do is move from that shithole to a town run by Republicans like where I live. Great schools, safe streets, and no homeless junkies harassing you at every stop light.