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Davila succeeds in passing law barring speakers at Paterson City Council meeting from yielding time


Council president Maritza Davila succeeded in passing a controversial ordinance or local law that bars speakers at City Council meetings from yielding time to each other.

The ordinance adopted on Feb. 11 states “no time balance from any one person may be relinquished to another person.”

“We must continue to have order so we’re able to conduct business in an orderly fashion. We’ve never stated we want to shun the community,” said Davila. “Everyone has their three minutes.”

Political activist Ernest Rucker had taken advantage of the old rules that allowed one speaker to give up his three minutes of speaking time to another. Over the past months, Rucker brought a number of speakers to council meetings, had them sign up to speak, and each yielded their time to him when called to the microphone. He had vehemently opposed Davila’s ordinance. However, Rucker was a no-show during the public hearing to adopt the ordinance. No one spoke during the public hearing for the ordinance.

Council members voted 5-2 to approve the measure.

Council members Al Abdelaziz, Shahin Khalique, Flavio Rivera, Luis Velez, and Davila voted in favor.

“We’re allowing people to come to the chamber and express themselves,” said Velez. “There’s a point when we have to put order in our chamber.”

Rivera feared candidates running for office in the May elections would bring dozens of people to the council meetings and take up time.

Council members Ruby Cotton and Lilisa Mimms voted against the measure. Council members Michael Jackson and William McKoy were not present during the vote.

“It’s the people’s chamber and people should be allowed to voice their opinion,” said Mimms.

Rucker spoke hours after the ordinance was passed. He said he intentionally avoided speaking at the public hearing for the ordinance. He accused council members of “denying the public” their “right to freedom of speech.”

The new law comes into effect 20 days after passage.

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  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    Davila is a hack. She should be scrubbing the toilets at city hall that's about all she's qualified for.

  • Paterson Pulse Paterson Pulse

    Two years ago Ernest Rucker was one of the speakers allowed to speak at the meeting trashing me, I was then banned from speaking by 7 members of the city council, to dispute the offensive attack and call them out.
    They are sued for $10 Million dollars, still pending in Newark federal court.
    Now the same Rucker is crying about free speech when I got none and he was part of that scheme. At least he gets his 3 minutes.

    Amazingly I am submitting this as part of my argument to the case against them, it shows I was right, when these incompetent people get elected they have no knowledge of the law and rights of people, they use their powers to punish people.

    In this case no one is punished, they are just all snakes in the pit jockeying for political position to trash one another but it seriously helps my case against them. To show that jury exactly how they operate against their critics, even the evil ones because this Rucker is a three time convicted felon and just likes to attack people for Councilman Bill McKoy, councilman Jackson (and even the corrupt Mayor Sayegh,) who conveniently did not show up for the vote, they threw him under the bus and ran off.
    But this is good for my case against them, fools, all fools and the people who support them.

    Davila is a puppet for Sayegh, he tells her how high to jump and who to jump on, She's his new lap-puppy, he's training he for his convenience. Just look at the way she votes and the things he put on the agenda for him, not how she speaks about him.

    • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

      Hopefully Sayegh will soon be going where Joey and Marty went. He's even more crooked and that's saying something. Plus he's turning Paterson into another Dearborn MI. Soon we will have roving Sharia enforcement patrols in South Paterson.

    • John Brown

      Well said Sir. And I hope you win your case. Against these Morons