Election board decides not to count more than 800 Paterson ballots amid voter fraud allegations | Paterson Times

Election board decides not to count more than 800 Paterson ballots amid voter fraud allegations


The Passaic County Board of Elections has decided not to count hundreds of mail-in ballots in the six City Council races amid allegations of voter fraud.

Several hundred mail-in ballots were found in bundles in a Haledon mailbox, officials confirmed yesterday.

“The county board of elections made a decision to not count 800+ ballots,” said Keith Furlong, spokesman for the Passaic County government, on Tuesday.

Furlong did not have information on which wards the mail-in ballots were from. The more than 300 ballots found in bundles in a mailbox were from the 3rd Ward. Hundreds more from the 2nd Ward were found in a South Paterson mailbox.

State law bars one person from transporting or mailing more than three mail-in ballots.

Officials said a judge or the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office will have to order the Board of Election to count the 800-plus ballots.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is looking into possible voter fraud in the Paterson elections.

“It is nothing short of outrageous that over 800 voters are intended to be disenfranchised on the say so of what appears to be one person,” said Gregg Paster, attorney for candidates Alex Mendez, Ramon Joaquin, and Eddie Olivares. “This election is a sham, regardless of who are the ultimate victors and this process has to be reviewed by the courts to address the deficiencies in the planning and execution of the election.”

Passaic County Board of Elections chairman John Currie declined to comment on the situation in Paterson on Tuesday.

Paster said he is speaking with his clients to determine whether to file a court action. His clients will decide whether to wait for the results, wait for the certifications, or to file tomorrow.

“There is no shadow of a doubt that this election will be challenged with all of those votes being discounted out of hand with no further investigation,” said Paster.

12,400 people have mailed in their votes in Paterson as of Monday.

Winners of the six ward elections will not be known tonight. Ballots marked May 12, which will still arrive after today, have to be counted.

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    There is conflict of interest and the appearance of conflict of interest. The appearance is much more poisonous. It breeds distrust even when there is no evil intent on the part of the person who creates this conflict. Democratic Chairman John Currie, who is also the Chairman of the Passaic County Board of Election has on numerous occasion gotten involved in Paterson's non-partisan election. I have know John Currie since childhood . His brother was my best friend. Subsequently, we spent a lot of time at each other house while growing up at the C.C.projects. So I have no doubt that there is no evil intent on his part. He takes his job very serious. However the appearance of the conflict of interest creates a negative connotation among latinos in Passaic County. John, should not participate in the Paterson election. Especially disqualifying votes. Thus denying the right to vote to over 800 people mostly minorities is troublesome. The presumption is that the votes are good until proven to be fraud. Therefore he put the cart before the horse. He is using the scare tactic of suspecting fraud to justify his action It is sad that in 2020 minorities are going back to the not to popular era in U.S. history when minorities were denied the right to vote. Paterson has always had a history of this disfranchisement. On several occasions a Judge ordered new elections. Lets count the votes. Put them aside and then investigate. You visit the 800 plus voters and determine if the ballot is valid. Don't just say that the Attorney General or a Judge must order him to do the more logical thing. Even one vote is important. The city of Paterson should change from non-partisan to partisan election or the leaders of the
    Democratic party should stay out of Paterson politics.

    • Ahktaruzaman

      We found a 3rd ward dweller over here!! Dont be mad that you got caught

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