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Paterson: McKoy sues for recount in 3rd Ward election


Longtime councilman William McKoy has filed a recount petition in the New Jersey Superior Court on Friday challenging the outcome of the hotly contested 3rd Ward race.

McKoy fell short by 245 votes to his main rival ex-councilman Alex Mendez in the race, according to unofficial results released a week after the May 12 municipal elections.

“We filed for this recount because we want to make sure the election actually represents the will of the voters,” said McKoy’s attorney Scott Salmon of the Jardim, Meisner & Susser law firm. ”We’re hopeful this recount will give us some insight into who actually won the right to represent the Third Ward on the City Council.”

McKoy’s suit cites widespread voter fraud in the election. For example, 300 mail-in ballots tied to the 3rd Ward election were found bundled in a mailbox in Haledon. It also cites the disqualification of 25 percent of the votes in the race. The suit states of the 4,565 votes cast 3,402 ballots were counted.

McKoy is seeking a hand recount of the ballots. His attorney is also asking the court to review all mail-in vote ballots, both accepted and rejected, in the five-person race.

McKoy received 1,350 votes. Mendez, 1,595. Chauncey I. Brown, III, 43. Robyn Spencer, 118. And Sharrieff Bugg 296. Six were write-in votes.

Mendez did not respond to a call for comment on Friday.

Mendez had raised concerns about the Board of Elections disqualifying hundreds of votes. His attorney wrote to the board urging them to not disenfranchise voters and to count the ballots.

The municipal election, first time in history, was conducted solely via vote-by-mail ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Most incompetent and corrupted people can't accept defeat, I was told there were fraud on McKoy's side that needs to be investigated. If that is true and then he need to be criminally charged. However the Democratic Judge Ernest Caposela will take the case again, I'm suspecting and it will go to McKoy who the Party need to push their agenda in Paterson.

    The second ward councilman suffered the same faith, when former Councilman Mohammed won by 2 votes, the Judge orders more votes for his rival be counted to offset the numbers but not for him. His rival alleged had voted as himself and as his father. If this is true, he did not go to jail for doing it, neither did the judge for not reporting in.
    Corrupt in Paterson goes all they way up.
    My guess is Sayegh is behind this, as he is behind the attack on anyone who poses a threat to him in 2022.
    So using political power to cheat Alex Mendez is customary to his character of evil.
    Paterson is smarter than this ploy. Watch out for those Superior court judges, they rule politically, not by the will of the people.
    Mendez2022 or TJBess2022 or Sirrano2022, Anyoneelse2022 is better than the evil sitting there on the second floor.

  • John

    no matter how incompetent one can possibly be how can you be off by 245 when not.that high of a number is involved

    • Yogi Zuna

      That is exactly what I am thinking. Percentage wise, McKoy simply lost by too many votes.

      • Biggerthansafaree

        Hes basically accusing mendez of voter fraud. Its not so much a recount as it is scrutiny to how mendez and co. operate, and looking for irregularities

        • Yogi Zuna

          It would truly shock me if Mendez was that crazy, to commit fraud with that many votes. Stranger things have happened, but I really doubt it.

  • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

    Politicians are like diapers they should be changed often with his defeat things don’t look good for the “excellence ,credit seeker” and now go get a job where you really can “take care of the people of Paterson”

  • R Fer

    McKoy is a sore loser. 5 terms later,let it go! You do nothing for the 3rd Ward.

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    They keep finding boxes of ballots all over Paterson lmfao corruption at it's finest.