Paterson council members Michael Jackson, Alex Mendez, two others charged with voter fraud | Paterson Times

Paterson council members Michael Jackson, Alex Mendez, two others charged with voter fraud


Councilman Michael Jackson, councilman-elect Alex Mendez, and two other men, including councilman Shahin Khalique’s brother, were charged with criminal conduct involving mail-in ballots in the recent Paterson elections.

Jackson, 48, of Paterson; Mendez, 45, of Paterson; Shelim Khalique, 51, of Wayne; and Abu Razyen, 21, of Prospect Park, were charged with various voter fraud offenses.

Jackson and Khalique are both charged with fraud in casting mail-in vote, unauthorized possession of ballots, tampering with public records, and falsifying or tampering with records.

Mendez is charged with election fraud, fraud in casting mail-in vote, unauthorized possession of ballots, false registration or transfer, tampering with public records, and falsifying or tampering with records.

Razyen is charged with fraud in casting mail-in vote and unauthorized possession of ballots. Razyen and Shelim Khalique worked for Shahin Khalique’s campaign for the 2nd Ward seat.

“Today’s charges send a clear message: if you try to tamper with an election in New Jersey, we will find you and we will hold you accountable,” said New Jersey attorney general Gurbir Grewal. “We will not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”

Grewal’s office began investigating after being alerted by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to hundreds of mail-in ballots being found in a mailbox in Paterson. More ballots were found in a mailbox in Haledon.

Authorities said the four men engaged in the improper collection of mail-in ballots. The six ward elections in Paterson were conducted solely through vote-by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jackson and Mendez allegedly approached voters to collect their mail-in ballots in violation of state election laws. These ballots were then delivered to the Passaic County Board of Elections without identifying the bearer as required by law.

Jackson allegedly had in his possession more than three ballots that were neither his own nor for which he was an authorized bearer. He also received the ballot of one voter that was not voted or sealed. That ballot was delivered to the election board sealed in an envelope without bearer.

Jackson, who is vice president of the City Council, did not respond to a call for comment.

Mendez also allegedly procured or submitted one or more voter registration applications for people he knew were not eligible to vote in a certain election district.

“I am not guilty and I expect to be vindicated. I look forward to serving the citizens of Paterson on July 1st,” said Mendez.

Khalique allegedly went to a residence in the 2nd Ward to collect mail-in ballots from one or more voters. These ballots were delivered to the Passaic County Board of Elections without identifying bearer.

Khalique is the owner of controversial A-1 Elegant Tours, also known as Eastern Star Transportation. He was charged with contract fraud and other crimes in a separate investigation that involved the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Razyen, who is infamous for appearing in a social media video flipping through a bundle of ballots, allegedly collected ballots. None of the ballots he handled had him listed as the bearer.

“The residents of New Jersey have a right to free and fair elections, and we will ensure that happens,” said Thomas Eicher, director of the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability. “Our office’s criminal investigations complement a number of other safeguards that New Jersey has implemented to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

Jackson faces a maximum of more than 16 years in state prison. Mendez faces more than 31 years in prison. Khalique faces more than 16 years in prison. And Razyen faces 10 years in state prison.

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  • Plumber

    That's a shocker unfortunately nothing will happen to these idiots look at rigo same bullshit and all he and his wife got was a slap on the hand all politicians are scumbag crooked mother fuckers straight up especially the piece of shit mayor

    • Vindicated

      I still don’t know how radio stealing rigo and his wife pulled it off….. but that’s fuckin Paterson for you, they look out for their cronies!!!

    • Craig list

      racist bitch..

      • Plumber

        Racist now because I speak the truth you must be a liberal democrat who must have been raised in your parents basement playing with your sister's dolls you couldn't handle the truth only believe what these leftists pricks shove down your throat and by the way the word racist is pretty much burned out by idiots like you doesn't mean shit no more any body who doesn't align themselves with the crazy left are considered racist

      • llkenney

        Everything is racist to you people. Therefore nothing is racist. Seems funny, though, all four people of color, one hispanic and two Middle Easterners. Go ahead, call me a racist for speaking the truth. And then ask me if I give a crap what you think.

  • Vindicated

    Wow!! What an EMBARRASSMENT!

  • DANNY cee

    This mail crap is bad news period. This weasels cant help but do what they do best. smh

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    The Socialists are screaming for mail in voting throughout the country so that they can steal the election for Senile Joe.

    • Vindicated

      So dumb ass trumpet wont be doing the same?? He will pull off another fake win with the mail in voting…. trump is no dummy, even though he sucks he will find a way to win again… ahem…. (Russia)

      • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

        Are you that stupid that you still believe in the Russia hoax after it's been so thoroughly debunked? You do know that drunk bitch Hillary's campaign paid for that made up dossier don't you? Turn off CNN dumbass they lied to you lol!

      • Joan Farrell

        It is the Democrats that are pushing for mail in voting not Trump. He is aware of how easy it would be to cheat. The Democrats want to take full advantage of the situation and cheat any way they can. You need to get your facts straight The Democrats are the party of, " The ends justify the means." They have proven that many times.

      • thorntme

        Speaking of vindication, how about our man Flynn!

      • llkenney

        That you're still buying into the phony Russian BS shows that you aren't paying attention and uniformed as holy hell. Democrats are turning into screaming meemies because Barr and Durham are getting ready to drop the hammer on all the fraud and corruption that is now known to go all the way up the food chain to Obama.

  • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

    Khalique ask your brothers and sisters for help and to all others really hope you don’t get away with this. Jail is where the criminals go.

    • thorntme

      He'll have a lot more than four husbands once he gets to lockup.

  • John Brown

    No surprise here. Question is will they have a special election? And void the win of these 3 scumbags and remove them from office. ASAP?!..
    as I said on many occasions. This is Rigo
    Part 2.

  • John

    I guess Trump is right.

  • John

    My sleepy head Democrats. This is very typical among liberals.

  • John


    • Shari Mahon

      Holy crap…this is hilarious. You just called yourself a "HOSPANIC" "BOT".

    • Concerned Citizen

      Thanks John! The truth is, nobody wants Socialism or the bat-sht crazy things the left is proposing. God fearing Hispanics, Black Americans, Asians and Whites all want the same thing! Security, law and order, stop looting and rioting instead of promoting it, no open borders, no increased taxes, and to continue the economic prosperity that Trump has already proven he is capable of making happen. This is why Trump will win big! The silent majority will rise again! Shari will be wearing out her cry towel again.

  • R Fer

    What about corrupt sayed,no one wants him in Paterson!?

  • Freddie777

    Why do democrats want to be the only people in the room when votes are being counted?

    • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

      Because it's the only way they can win.

  • keymaker

    I’m not surprised, everyone knows that there’s people in power that have been trying to get rid of these guys by any means necessary cause they’re not on board with the crooks, the crew I meant. Remembered how local police officers where designated to investigate the whole voters fraud thing, something they had no business doing.

  • Yawifeshusband

    So sayegh can get 60,000 indirectly donated from developers who want to do work in Paterson but that’s ok? Not defending these guys but it seems like sayegh is pulling a power move and making sure the council is in his favor. It’s no secret Mendez and Jackson weren’t his biggest supporters… no wonder trump doesn’t want mail in voting. If these guys were filling out ballots for sleepy joe or crooked bob Menéndez we would’ve never heard anything about it.

  • http://www.Newjerseypulse.com New Jersey Pulse News Opinions

    All the illegal schemes and crimes Andre Sayegh has committed has been blocked because he is now part of the corrupted "inner circle," those that want to control or are controlling Paterson.
    The minute you are threat to the Democratic Establishment you become a target.
    While they are all corrupted and you can arrest all of them off the corruption, you only focus on the ones who are a threat to your control..
    The Democrats control the Prosecutors, The Judges and The Attorney General, the top boss is the Governor and the man behind I all is one who runs the Democratic Party.
    There is no coincidence that the three main characters who are the critics or Andrea Sayegh are arrested and he and the others are looking over..
    It was reported do me Bill McKoy's campaign was the one stacking votes to turn them in and that is why a large bulk of his votes were rejected including Assemblyman Whimbley and TJ Best but they need the Mayor's critics out of the way to keep robbing and controlling the people of Paterson.

    My guess was that McKoy and Sayegh and three others would have been arrested but they are someone how overlooking to get the mayor's critics.

    It's one big Political Gangster Family and if you are not part of it they will use their power's to take you down and protect the real corruption.

  • Canwereason Logic

    The people of Paterson need to wake up to these types of political hacks. The only interest they have is to line their pockets. Individuals like this are using the citizens' ignorance for their political gains because they know a majority of Paterson residents are sheep. If the local residence honestly cares about the future of inner-city children, they have to stop electing slick people who talk a good game.

  • thorntme

    All Democraps! Why are we not surprised.

  • disqus_koI3aUJivU

    Y'all keep saying Democrats this and Republicans that.

    1. Someone once told me, there are only 2 kinds of people you can't trust in this world. Lawyers and Politicians.
    2. The president isn't the president. The country is controlled by a group of people who run everything and influence everything. If you haven't realized that by now, you're an idiot.
    3. There isn't anything one side would do that the other wouldn't. It's all a show, and you're the ones watching it and trying to figure out the plot before its revealed.

  • Concerned Citizen

    All Democrat minorities? Imagine that? Projection at its finest! You can be sure that whatever they are accusing others of doing, they are doing themself. Russia Collusion, Voter Fraud, failing to honor a peaceful transition of power, all problems with Democrats. The Durham report will soon confirm this as at least 8 Democrats go to prison. Why didn't Brenda Snipes go to prison for ballet stuffing?