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Judge upholds barring Alex Mendez from assuming Paterson council seat


Passaic County Superior Court judge Ernest Caposela rejected councilman-elect Alex Mendez’s motion to reconsider an injunction that barred him from assuming the 3rd Ward seat.

Mendez has “failed to meet” the “burden to justify reconsideration by the court,” wrote the judge on Wednesday. He “failed to show how the Court acted in an arbitrary, capricious, or unreasonable manner in enjoining Mr. Mendez from taking office on July 1, 2020.”

Mendez won the 3rd Ward seat in an election badly marred by voting fraud. He unseated five-term councilman William McKoy.

Mendez has been charged with voter fraud and election fraud.

McKoy successfully stopped Mendez from assuming office. His attorney, Scott Salmon, has argued letting Mendez take office would allow him to “reap” the benefits of his alleged crimes and cause “irreparable” harm to the public.

Council members elected in the May 12 election will be sworn-in this afternoon.

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  • John Brown

    Don't swear in the other 2 Fraudsters!

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEY2Qm0zTkVhRW1ENjFEOVVlNGlQVGVFMGlJRkRNVjY1YjR3UGNqQ1BsSlFWaHI5bE1pLTQ3QWNCdE1ieUY5UDgwck1PbTBvRVFISTR4WncwMFJaOWlwTUVidWp5SW5YbkpfQXQ1T2dSYwZDZD/ Samuel Torres

    Even if the Judge orders a new election Mendez can be a candidate. He will beat McKoy again. Judge wanted to take the side of the Democratic leadership that "Vote by Mail" is no problem. Looking for vote by mail for the Presidential race. If they are so concern with the process then give Mendez a speedy trial. Mendez's lawyer should have gone to the appellate court.