Ex-mayor Torres’ wife hosting fundraiser for Paterson council president Rivera | Paterson Times

Ex-mayor Torres’ wife hosting fundraiser for Paterson council president Rivera


Former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ wife is hosting a fundraiser at the Brownstone for council president Flavio Rivera.

Rivera’s fundraiser is scheduled for August 21. Tickets are going for $150.

“This fundraiser is to celebrate my council presidency,” said Rivera. He hasn’t held a fundraiser to replenish his campaign funds since becoming a councilman two years ago.

Rivera was voted to serve as president of the City Council on July 1.

“This event will give you the opportunity to join with friends, patrons and constituents to discuss your issues and concerns with Council President, Flavio Rivera, as he leads the Paterson Municipal Council 2020-2021 legislative agenda,” states a letter to possible donors signed by Torres’ wife Sonia Torres.

Sources said Torres, the former mayor, is the main organizer for the fundraiser. His home address is listed on the invites.

“No, I’m not. Am I joining a group of people, friends of Flavio Rivera, to do a reception for him? Yes,” said Torres (pictured).

Torres acknowledged his wife will serve as a host for the fundraiser.

“It will be well attended,” said Torres, a former three term mayor. He is known for being a prodigious fundraiser.

Torres brushed aside a question asking whether he is attempting make a comeback in Paterson politics. He said he is excited to be able to vote again.

Governor Phil Murphy signed a law in 2019 that allows former convicts and people out on parole to vote. Torres has been out on parole for two years, according to New Jersey correctional records. Torres was sentenced to five years in prison for corruption in 2017. His conviction bars him from taking office.

Insiders say Torres is backing a candidate in the 2nd Ward race. The former mayor is a resident of the 2nd Ward.

Some have speculated Rivera may end up being a candidate for mayor in 2022.

“At this point that idea has not crossed my mind at all. Sometimes people make assumptions based on the parties involved. There’s no validity to that assessment at all,” said Rivera.

The race for mayor is two years away. At least half-dozen people are considering running for mayor. Being linked to Torres is unlikely to hurt a candidate, according to political strategists. Lately, some residents, upset with poor municipal services, said at least under Torres people received some services.

Residents voted Torres out in 2010 for Jeffery Jones. But in 2014, voters returned Torres to office after enduring four years of failure under Jones.

Sayegh’s running of the city has been compared to Jones’ stint as mayor.

Sayegh did not respond to a call for comment on Monday.

Rivera thanked the Torres family for their work in putting on the fundraiser.

Email: [email protected]

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  • Jose Perez

    Let's see if the Covid-19 executive orders are followed!

  • John Brown

    The last thing anyone would want to do is associated themselves with Joey Torres.

    • TK Kirkland

      Joey didn’t snitch on his buddies..favor for a favor!

  • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

    Jail is where criminals go.
    Joe Torres = criminal.

  • John

    The present Mayor with the present Police Chief need to go. How much more can Patersonians take?

  • Lisa Meredith

    Paterson is becoming like Chicago, i look forward to the day when I pack up, leave and never look back.

    • TK Kirkland

      Really? You must’ve not seen Chicago’s homicide stats lately…

  • TK Kirkland

    This sell-out has the audacity…canoodling around Paterson politicians after he abused his position? Get em outta here…

  • Andres Rodriguez

    This guy has no blood on his face this offender has no dignity HISPANIC SHAME!!!!!!!!! Council Rivera
    It is a shame that you are friends with an ex-convict who used the money we pay taxes for his personal things Have more dignity Council Rivera Be careful there are contagious diseases

    • John Brown

      He's Joey's puppet but Joey's wife is pulling the strings.
      Now he will owe them favors