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Paterson: City Council won’t fill 3rd Ward vacancy


The 3rd Ward City Council seat will remain vacant until someone is elected on November 3.

Council president Flavio Rivera said the City Council has no plans to appoint someone to the 3rd Ward seat.

Rivera said the City Council has enough members to carry out its duties.

“I think it’s reasonable,” said former councilman William McKoy. He held the seat for 20 years.

Passaic County Superior Court judge Ernest Caposela invalidated the results of the 3rd Ward election that was held in May.

Former councilman Alex Mendez had won the 3rd Ward seat by defeating McKoy in an election that was marred by voter fraud.

McKoy filed a lawsuit that lead to the judge’s ruling.

Mendez has been charged with election and voter fraud. He has denied wrongdoing.

Mendez did not respond to a call for comment.

Rivera and his colleagues filled the vacancy that resulted from a tie vote in the 2nd Ward late last month.

Caposela’s opinion states the five candidates, who ran in May, will be automatically placed on the ballot for the November 3 re-do of the 3rd Ward race.

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