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Construction official’s work performance ‘did not meet’ expectations, say Paterson lawyers


Controversial construction official Gennaro “Jerry” Lobozzo’s work performance failed to meet the city’s expectations, says a court filing by the city’s lawyers.

Lobozzo sued the city in May claiming municipal officials retaliated against him. Municipal lawyers denied Lobozzo’s allegations in court filings. They also raised questions about Lobozzo’s work performance.

Jerry Lobozzo

Jerry Lobozzo

“Plaintiff’s work performance did not meet the legitimate expectations of Defendants,” reads a filing, dated August 24, by Kathleen Barnett-Einhorn of Genova Burns, the city’s outside legal counsel in the case.

Neither Lobozzo nor his attorney, Ilya Kraminsky, responded to calls and messages for comments, on Wednesday.

Other employees have filed lawsuits against the city, but municipal lawyers seldom attacked their work performance openly in court filings.

Lobozzo was hired by former mayor Jose “Joey” Torres in 2015. His lawsuit accuses community improvement director David Gilmore of engaging in a campaign of harassment and retaliation against him.

Gilmore declined to comment on Wednesday.

Gilmore has filed a lawsuit of his own against the city. In his lawsuit he accuses Lobozzo of engaging in alleged “ticket fixing.”

Lobozzo has been the subject of multiple disciplinary actions. He was disciplined for telling businesses and property owners to call police on housing inspectors when they visited a site to conduct inspections, according to documents filed in court.

Gilmore recommended a 15-day suspension that Lobozzo found “draconian.” He ultimately received a five-day suspension without pay in October 2018.

Councilman Michael Jackson last year said he had no confidence in Lobozzo. Lobozzo also found himself the subject of controversy for rescinding a demolition order for a garage on Atlantic Street that was expanded without permits and used as a church.

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    Genova Burns, Genova Burns.. Oh..
    "Mayor Andre Sayegh expanded the list of attorneys after coming into office last July. His list included several new law firms. Among them the firm of Genova, Burns & Vernoia, which sent out a threatening letter on Sayegh’s behalf to supporters of other candidates in the mayoral race last year." PT reported.

    The corruption in Paterson never ends, you help the politicians and you get contracts from Newark, not even Paterson, more money for outsiders.

    I interviewed Jerry about Sayegh's illegal use of the Art Factory that had no CO to Lic. do entertainment for the mayor's event and Jerry was very evasive, he defended the mayor and that's what happens when you defend evil, it comes back and bites you.

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    This Mayor.will be arrested.

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    Question is who in Paterson meets expectations? This itself is absurd!