Police targets rampant drug use, dealing near Paterson library for second time in 10 days | Paterson Times

Police targets rampant drug use, dealing near Paterson library for second time in 10 days


Six people were arrested in a sweep targeting “rampant” drug use and dealing in the immediate area of the Danforth Memorial Library on Wednesday, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Shequan Roberts, 21, of Paterson; D’Andre Ruff, 18, of Paterson; Elijah Rich, 21, of Paterson; Fred Thomas, 60, of Paterson; Louis Martire, 36, of Forset City, Penn.; and Julia Walsh, 49, of Little Ferry, were charged with various drug offenses.

Roberts, Ruff, Rich, Thomas, and Martire were each charged with four drug possession and distribution offenses.

Rich was additionally charged with resisting arrest. Walsh was charged with two drug possession offenses.

Police seized 651 glassine envelopes of heroin, 10 baggies of crack cocaine, and $2,185 cash during the sweep.

Ten days earlier, police conducted a similar drug sweep that yielded 12 arrests in the same area.

Police received complaints of drug activity in the area from residents and businesses.

  • Oscar Feliciano

    The police have been receiving complaints for several months which they've continued to ignore even as they drive by the area. It's only now because of a video posted on Facebook tagging different news outlets that they've decided to actually do something. So much for a "quality of life" campaign in Paterson.

    • Dingo jones

      There is no life in Paterson let alone quality of life, there is only death

  • Plumber

    About time that place especially on summer between Broadway and van houtan is infested with drug dealers addicts and prostitutes I'm going to start recording this area and posting it if that what it takes to get something done I know I've been calling for years about all the bullshit happening there and very little to nothing would ever get done

  • John

    All the drug dealers are black and all the drug users are white.

  • John

    This is a typical Lawless Democrat city. Want change? Vote.Republican. Law and Order. Hispanic.Democrats for Trump.