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Mendez accuses McKoy of ‘breaking the law’ for renting attic of Paterson property


Former councilman Alex Mendez accused his main rival ex-councilman William McKoy of “breaking the law” for allegedly renting the attic of a house on Carbon Street.

Mendez made the allegation during a televised debate at City Hall on Friday. He held up rent receipts for viewers to see as he made the assertion.

“You have this house on 133-135 Carbon Street, where you have illegal basement and attic rented,” said Mendez directly to McKoy at the debate. “You know the law. You are a legislator. You always talk about integrity. You always talk about being honest. Why are you breaking the law?”

McKoy did not immediately deny the allegations made by Mendez at the debate.

McKoy said Mendez has been playing a “game.” He called Mendez’s move “underhanded” and “despicable.” He accused a man named Keith Watson of collaborating with Mendez. Sources said Watson is the father of McKoy’s son’s girlfriend. McKoy at the debate suggested Watson’s daughter and grandchild would have been on the street had he not given them space in the attic. Mendez has somehow injected himself into a family squabble.

McKoy did not respond to a call for comment on Monday morning.

Attics and basements usually lack the required egresses, making them a safety hazard. Such spaces should not be rented, said officials. Mendez accused McKoy of putting people at risk by renting the attic.

Mendez will have to file a complaint if he wants the city to investigate and take actions. Municipal officials received a complaint about the attic apartment earlier in the year. Officials said inspectors were dispatched to the location and found the attic was vacant.

Mendez said one of his supporters sent him the rent receipts after McKoy accused him of trying to legalize basements and attics. His campaign provided three rent receipts that shows a tenant paid $600 a month in rent. Rent receipts are dated May, June, and July. He said the receipts are for the attic. Mendez did not have any evidence McKoy was renting the basement. Mendez never promised to legalize basements and attics, he said. Former school board member Pedro Rodriguez did during the mayoral race in 2018.

Mendez came under heavy attacks from McKoy at a previous debate over his pending voter and election fraud charges. Mendez has been charged with election fraud related to the May race. A judge blocked him from taking office because of fraud in the May race, triggering a fresh election on November 3. Mendez has denied the charges.

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  • HankMorgan

    Oy vey! Politics at it’s finest.

    • Robyn Spencer

      a disgrace

  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    One crook calling out another lol only in da ghetto

  • Plumber

    What a piece of shit Mendez is no fucking honor among political garbage and I mean both

    • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

      I don't even know how things got this bad and it's allowed to continue.That only means that most in our government must be the same since they allow this you would think someone would have taken Mendez to the side and told him to basically disappear,but i guess not. No more real men in paterson government. Mendez can't get any lower.a disgusting sub human.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEY2Qm0zTkVhRW1ENjFEOVVlNGlQVGVFMGlJRkRNVjY1YjR3UGNqQ1BsSlFWaHI5bE1pLTQ3QWNCdE1ieUY5UDgwck1PbTBvRVFISTR4WncwMFJaOWlwTUVidWp5SW5YbkpfQXQ1T2dSYwZDZD/ Samuel Torres

    A complaint is needed L.O.L.

    • Leo Sanchez

      Yes trump

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    Mendez please completely remove yourself from any official position.You are pathetic. As if not enough being accused of fraud,you keep going, stooping to lower and lower levels. You are absolutely not to be trusted and certainly nothing paterson needs in its government.

  • Lueminattibenz

    If you remove this scum bag you have to remove all the scumbags start with Nellie pou Corey booker bob Melendez but please go after bill the shill pascrell period.
    not good for Paterson but the dominicans love him there because Paterson is trash but it beats a run down shack like the homes in DR so Paterson is paradise feel me the black politicians in Paterson are garbage the Hispanic ones are worst the nj politicians in the Senate are stooges who do nothing but keep the white towns of New Jersey looking and feeling good while the Paterson nj and passaic and towns alike
    Stay shitty with shitty City and state wide leadership trump2020 y soy hispano

  • John

    I am Hispanic and don't fall for that Democrat BS. Vote for Trump 2020

  • John

    Seems like Patersonians are upset Mendez called him out. How stupid are Patersonians? Listen dummies its good he got.called out for his dangerous illegal activity

  • Miss jamaica

    I am only hoping that Mr McCoy if ask can show the financial disclosure on his taxes for this added income.
    If he can’t then this is where the deception would be, it would be no different that the president not disclosing his finances to the America people.
    With this information an investigation should be warranted it’s does not matter how the other candidate obtained the information.
    The tax dept should audit and investigate.

    I tends to like the clean hands rule.