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McKoy sues claiming illegal votes were cast in Paterson’s 3rd Ward election


Former councilman William McKoy, who narrowly lost to Alex Mendez in November, filed a lawsuit on Monday seeking to nullify the outcome of the do-over election.

The lawsuit states 39 legal votes cast for McKoy were rejected by the Passaic County Board of Elections for “various improper reasons” such as mismatched signatures.

31 “illegal votes” were accepted by the Board of Election. 20 of those voters reside in Paterson, but not in the 3rd Ward, rendering them ineligible to vote in the McKoy-Mendez race. 11 votes were accepted from people who live outside of Paterson. They voted provisionally, says the lawsuit.

“As a result of these acts and others, legal votes were rejected and illegal votes were counted sufficient in number to change the result of the election, cast a cloud on the election, and raise sufficient factual basis to declare the election void and invalid,” says the lawsuit.

“The 3rd Ward residents spoke loud and clear twice. We went through two recounts. He lost four times. I don’t know when he’s going to stop,” said Mendez. He suggested his rivals may be using McKoy as a proxy to take him out. “Those people that tried to stop me are using him.”

Mendez alleged McKoy is fighting for his pension and has “special interest” subsidizing his legal expenses.

McKoy did not immediately respond to a call for comment on Monday afternoon.

Mayor Andre Sayegh has been providing succor to McKoy in his battle against Mendez. Mendez said his rivals aim to knock him out before the next mayoral race. Mendez is viewed as a contender in the 2022 race.

Mendez had initially won the race by 9 votes, but his lead extended after a recount in December to 13.

The November special election was a do-over of the May election. A judge nullified the result of the May race because of fraud. Mendez, who has been charged with voter fraud and election fraud, was barred from taking office.

Mendez was able to take office after the November race.

McKoy wants the court to declare him the winner or nullify the results of the election, removing Mendez from office.

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  • Sirrano Keith Baldeo

    He sounds like trump's at this point. They said Trump had not case but the Democrats keep suing and getting court cases.

    • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

      Can you explain what you mean? The court didn't say he had no case,they were turned away over wrongly filed,etc- look into writ of certiorari. Not sure what you mean "he sounds like Trump at this point" please clarify.

  • John

    In Trump case more ballots were received then actual voters. In many areas. This doesn't even happen in Dominican Republic

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    I agree they should re-do the election,all & any where there is any dispute.In person only or by affidavit if a person truly can't get out to vote.This way all signatures can be checked to verify that anyone that voted are doing so legally (are registered, are legal residents of the city/town,are not illegal immigrants,etc) it does not matter what party,this severely affects the country.If we don't fix this nationwide corruption,we will be the next,third world communist country.

  • Resident41

    I wonder who is the puppet master behind this guy.

  • Uptownstomp

    Bill McKoy needs to realize he lost and find something else to do. Being on the council is not supposed to be a lifetime appointment. You lost