Paterson Parking Authority lost fight to takeover Levine family property. It was forced to pay $42,000 to cover their legal bills. | Paterson Times

Paterson Parking Authority lost fight to takeover Levine family property. It was forced to pay $42,000 to cover their legal bills.


After losing the court battle to take over the Levine family’s property in South Paterson for a parking garage project, the Paterson Parking Authority has paid them $41,768, according to public records.

Paterson Parking Authority was ordered by a judge to pay the Levine family’s legal expenses incurred in defending themselves against eminent domain action. Officials approved the payment to the Levine family’s attorneys — McKirdy, Riskin, Olson & DellaPelle – in October 2020.

“We had to take a shot. This project was very important to South Paterson. That whole area was going to benefit significantly from the parking deck,” said Tony Perez, director for the Paterson Parking Authority.

“It was just a frivolous lawsuit to hurt a business in Paterson,” said Theodore Levine. The Levine family has been doing business from the location for 144 years.

The Paterson Parking Authority spent $72,000 on the case in 2019. Perez said the appeal that followed was done pro bono.

Perez did not provide an updated figure of the total amount the agency sank into the fight.

“It’s a lot more than 100 grands,” said Levine. He said the agency likely spent as much as $250,000 in legal expenses, engineers, architects, consultants, and other professionals from the beginning to the end of the battle to seize his family’s property.

Perez is underreporting the amount of public money the agency spent in the fight, said Levine.

Perez negotiated with the Levine family. He even made them an offer that was far more than the fair market value of the property, he said. At the heart of the dispute is the three-acre site owned by Levine Industries at the corner of Courtland and Levine Street.

Perez said the $50 million parking deck project was greatly needed to increase parking spaces in a booming part of Paterson. That project is now dead. Tax credits that were intended for that project have been reallocated to others.

“I never close the door on a project, I never close the door on a deal. If he has any intention of selling, we expect them to call us and let us know,” said Perez.

“Right now, it’s not for sale,” said Levine.

Perez said that’s the end of the court battle. He said he has no intention of filing further appeals in the case.

Levine said he was glad the battle has ended.

“It’s a shame. I didn’t think Paterson would treat us that way,” said Levine.

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  • Paterson Resident

    There are not too many bright folk working for Paterson. They make some stupid moves that only cost us.

  • WakeUpPaterson

    Wow 144 years this guy and his family owns this property and Paterson tries to force him to sale. What ever happened to Property Rights? I am sure that St Joseph's Hospital or some developer had a lot to do it with it. But guess where the money came from to fight the battle, YUP CITY OF PATERSON'S TAX PAYERS MONEY. DON'T FORGERT THIS PATERSON RESIDENTS, YOU CAN BECOME THE TARGET OF THIS NEXT. VOTE THEM ALL OUT. VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

  • disqus_qeKVfrd7O3

    Mr. Levine of course they don’t care about you or your business. The money they were going to make was much larger than yours. I would of made you an offer you can’t refuse. He makes the deal, gets all the credit from his buddies and makes a ton of money for the parking authority plus his bonuses. Welcome to the city of Paterson, but the streets are in bad shape, the schools are old, the fields are in bad conditions and they lost 250 grand and no one gets in trouble.

  • TK Kirkland

    Levine might as well have cashed out. The properties are an eyesore, and the strip is pothole haven. Besides, his two sons are morons…they’ll just fumble the inheritance anyways.

    • John

      I'm sure if they were not White your views would be differently of them. Sounds like you got rage.

      • TK Kirkland

        “AND THE SURVEY SAYS ?!” “❌” WRONG! I know them all “personally” Just…Just…delete your post now.

        • John

          Yea you know them personally. Other then what you read in article. Stop lying and keep on voting Democrat. You be alright.

  • John

    If this was Florio, would Paterson had tried this? I think not.