Paterson renames Vreeland Triangle to Amistad Park in recognition of Black history | Paterson Times

Paterson renames Vreeland Triangle to Amistad Park in recognition of Black history


Municipal officials renamed the Vreeland Triangle, a small greenspace on Vreeland Avenue and East 37th Street, to Amistad Park in recognition of African American residents’ contributions to Paterson, on Tuesday night.

“The struggle was real. And the struggle is still real for a lot of us,” said councilman Ruby Cotton, who is the niece of a sharecropper.

Cotton said young children will remember the struggles and sacrifices of their ancestors when they visit the renamed park.

Amistad was the name of a slave ship that was carrying 53 Africans captured from Sierra Leone and enslaved in 1839. The Africans revolted, killing most of the ship’s crew, in an effort to regain their freedom.

“My grandmother was a sharecropper. My mother turned tobacco, and she picked cotton,” said councilwoman Lilisa Mimms. “Our community has played far too many vital roles. It’s an educational opportunity for every ethnicity.”

Mimms and Cotton sponsored, and Alex Mendez co-sponsored the renaming measure. Mimms said the renaming was requested by some community organizations and leaders.

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  • John

    This never ends. Rename all for blacks and.soon even our children will have black names. I am Hispanic but yet I get America has its history and places are named after historical people and places. America is the best and great, don't destroy it with your socialist, leftest, socialist, progressive, dictatorship Democrat mentally

  • J. Brown.

    this should make the drug dealers in that area real proud.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    yet the bodega and barber shop across the street has been robbed countless times , I sure the business owners will think this will make things better