Paterson pays $50,000 to settle ex-court employee’s sexual harassment lawsuit | Paterson Times

Paterson pays $50,000 to settle ex-court employee’s sexual harassment lawsuit


Municipal officials agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a former court employee’s sexual harassment lawsuit.

Noelia Batista, who worked as a court attendant, sued alleging on Nov. 29, 2017, during the morning court session at the municipal court, Albert Asphall, who was working as a prosecutor, walked behind her and “cupped her buttocks near her genital area with his hand.”

Asphall then walked away without saying anything, according to the lawsuit.

Batista reported the incident to court supervisor Gloria Schweitzer. The next day she reported the incident to court director Manuel Quiles.

Quiles put her in touch with assistant corporation counsel Rachel Nguyen. Nguyen had her complete a complaint form detailing the incident. She received a notice that an investigation would be taking place.

The lawsuit says no “proper investigation” was completed.

Asphall continues to work as a municipal prosecutor. He has been working for the city as an assistant corporation counsel since 2014, according to municipal records.

Batista, who began working for the city in October 2017, no longer works for the city.

Council members approved the settlement during a special meeting on Tuesday night.

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  • WakeUpPaterson

    Paterson residents this is your money, your high taxes, your high sewer bills that are being hiked for these payouts. The perpetrator just gets a slap on the wrist nothing else. Why isn't the perpetrator made to pay these funds from their salary, their savings, their pension, their assets. That is true justice.

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      Not to mention to payouts of the victims of Manny Martinez and the other charter school people like Danny Necimo. The Charters have the corrupt politicians bought and paid for so they know they can keep sexually harassing employees. This is why property taxes on just the charters alone have gone up 37% in 3 years

  • Chino Vargas

    my taxes down the drain again,