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Paterson still trying to collect from employees overpaid due to payroll glitch


Two months after a so-called payroll glitch led to municipal employees getting two or three paychecks, mayor Andre Sayegh’s administration is still trying to recoup the funds.

Records show officials were able to reverse majority of the erroneous direct deposit payments; however, the reversal procedure did not work with a small number of employees. Officials said some employees quickly withdrew the funds from their bank accounts despite a letter from personnel notifying them of the overpayment.

Data obtained through a records request shows 15 employees initially kept the overpaid sum. They were collectively paid $18,555 in excess of their paychecks.

“Where are we with the employees who were overpaid and did not pay the money back?” asked councilwoman Maritza Davila, chairwoman of the personnel committee, on Tuesday night to business administrator Kathleen Long. “We are not a bank. We’re not in the business to loan money interest free.”

“It’s my understanding it was all three pay periods of April is where they were going to be paid back from,” answered Long. “[It] will be taken out of their checks as part of the three pay periods in April.”

As of March 16, five employees – Osner Charles, Susan Velez, Jonathan Parra, Steven Sanders, Julian Burks — returned the overpaid sums, according to city records.

As of March 16, the city was still trying to collect from:

  • Yolanda Y Scott
  • Eugenia Byfield
  • Ja’ami Mimms
  • Juan Velez
  • Keyson Burns
  • Maricarmen Martinez
  • Robert Moody
  • Dwayne Reid
  • Sandra R Twine
  • Jean E Silver.

Officials are looking to hire an outside payroll service company to avoid similar mishaps in the future.

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  • J. Brown.

    It's taxpayers money. They're taxpayers
    Let them keep it

  • Unc

    Suspend them for how much time it takes to get every Dime back!!!!

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Tell them they have 1 week or they are fired for theft of funds and prosecute them like they did with people who got money for bank glitches and tried to run with the $,
    Yolanda Y Scott
    Eugenia Belfield
    Ja’ami Mimms (related to council member)
    Juan Velez (related to council member)
    Keyson Burns
    Maricarmen Martinez (related to BOE sex offender Manny)
    Robert Moody (related to Zatiti)
    Dwayne Reid
    Sandra R Twine
    Jean E Silver.

    • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

      why even give them time? do you want these criminals working for this city? after they stole tax payers money that pay their salaries? They need immediate criminal charges and fired. meanwhile tax payers can't pay the high taxes and most losing their homes I have asked for a down to the penny tax statement, to see exactly where these rediculous taxes are being spent,.I was hoping to expose tax waste and educate people, so we can allocate where our money goes. but apparently,paterson wants to lump things together to hide all out taxes not only wasted but going in corrupt officials pockets. Until one day,people get fed up and find an agency to investigate and lock all these crooks up.

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        This is why I left Paterson, the charters made taxes go up 37% in 2 years. Now is a great time to sell , sell and move to a normal town

        • John

          You mean move to a Republican town.

          • MarquinhoGaucho

            No an independant town. My town charter does not allow party affiliation in municipal elections, just the person's name

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    IMMEDIATELY FIRE every single employee that kept that money.They are untrustworthy garbage.Yes every one of you.This is theft of tax payers money.FIRE THEM NOW! Hard working tax payers do not need or want these criminals working for their city.They knew exactly how much they were owed for working.This administration must go.It was your duty to file charges on these people,on behalf of tax payers,not give them chances to return money they knew wasn't theirs.99% of the employees of this city need fired,jailed.Paterson is corrupt beyond repair.Better to start over from scratch.

  • Chino Vargas

    just take the money from their pension plan or 401k ,that simple,

  • John