Paterson police arrest nine in Summer Street drug operation | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest nine in Summer Street drug operation


The police arrested nine alleged participants in the open-air drug market on Summer Street late Tuesday afternoon.

Police conducted the operation on Summer Street between Hamilton Avenue and Van Houten Street at around 4 p.m.

Quadrea Carmichael, 37, of Paterson; Brian H. Thomas, 52, of Paterson; Colleen R. Steinhauer, 59, of Paterson; Andrew J. Paxos, 35, of Wharton; Samuel Martinez, 47, of Passaic City; Michelle R. Wilkins, 36, of Paterson; Christopher Kotz, 40, of Dover; Dana Gladden, 48, of Paterson; and Antwon L. Jones, 29, of Paterson, were arrested on various drug offenses.

Carmichael allegedly had 211 glassine envelopes of heroin. He was charged with ten drug offenses. He allegedly sold heroin to Martinez, Paxos, and Steinhauer.

Thomas allegedly had 79 packets of heroin and 46 baggies of crack cocaine. He was charged with eight drug offenses.

Steinhauer, Paxos, Kotz, Gladden, Jones, and Martinez were each charged with drug possession.

Wilkins was charged with loitering to commit a drug offense.

Police conducted the operation after receiving complaints of drug dealing from residents in the area.

  • Paterson Resident

    So what about Park Ave and 33rd, 22nd Street and Park Ave, and 17th Ave? Are they untouchable?

  • J. Brown.

    They'll be 10 more to take their place by tomight.

  • Rupert Bodkins

    Keep shutting them down-infinity. and take out the 10 more. and 10 more. and then there will be none. As long as they stay locked up. But I forgot-don't you have the new "catch and release progam" in NJ now for criminals? If I were a criminal, this would be the place for me! Don't even have to post bail anymore. What kind of special insanity created this system? Sounds like the fox is running the henhouse….

  • John

    9 down, 9000 to go.