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Paterson: McKoy-Mendez election lawsuit dismissed


Former councilman William McKoy on Thursday voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit challenging councilman Alex Mendez’s victory in the November special election.

McKoy lost to Mendez by just 13 votes. His lawsuit alleged the Passaic County Board of Elections counted illegal votes and rejected legal votes.

“They couldn’t tell us whether the votes were counted or not counted. They gave us the impression that the votes were counted initially. And subsequently, they’re now saying that those votes did not, in fact, got counted,” said McKoy (pictured, left).

McKoy cited that as a key factor in withdrawing his lawsuit.

“We prevailed in this fight. We’ve been fighting over a year,” said Mendez (pictured, right). “We got a victory. I’m very happy. I will also prevail in the other case.”

Mendez is still facing election fraud charges filed against him by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

“I’ve been a target. They put me in this position because of the 2022 mayoral race. They tried to take me out of office – they used all the power in their hands to take me out of office,” said Mendez.

Mendez is hinting at mayor Andre Sayegh without mentioning his name.

Mendez has pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against him.

Both Mendez and McKoy were stung by legal expenses.

“Cost is a factor of the whole process,” said McKoy. He would not disclose how much money he spent on legal expenses in the case.

“I never thought defending yourself in court was so expensive,” said Mendez. “We spent a lot of money in this case.”

Mendez spent as much as $50,000 in the case, he said.

“Their plan was to keep me in court spending money. They never thought that I was ready to spend as much money it takes for me to get the victory and clear my name,” said Mendez. “I don’t even think it was McKoy. It was other people more interested in keeping me in this mess, busy spending money in court. I think he realized at the last minute it was impossible for him to win the case.”

Mendez repeatedly said he won the election in May and then again in November. He also pointed out he won several recounts.

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  • Resident41

    McKoy Did very little for the 3rd ward. There’s not a single street on the 3rd ward without huge potholes and he never did anything about it. They talk a lot of junk about that ward being the crown jewel but that area is a dump. Now the 6th, who ever runs that it’s doing he’s job right.