‘You are unwelcome.’ Paterson rivals McKoy and Mendez get into altercation at Eastside Park. | Paterson Times

‘You are unwelcome.’ Paterson rivals McKoy and Mendez get into altercation at Eastside Park.


Former councilman William McKoy held the annual Jamaica Day Festival at Eastside Park over the weekend. He was displeased to see his political rival, councilman Alex Mendez, who defeated him to win the 3rd Ward council seat, at the event on Sunday evening.

McKoy is seen in a brief video confronting Mendez.

“You are unwelcome here!” McKoy, a former five-term councilman, tells Mendez. McKoy is seen flailing his hands and getting ever closer to Mendez’s face.

Mendez largely remains calm. He is heard saying, “Put your hands down.” Others are seen intervening and pulling McKoy away.

“You’re not Jamaican. Go away from here,” another man, standing next to McKoy, tells Mendez.

It’s not clear what triggered the hostilities at Eastside Park between the two men. Both men have built up considerable bad blood over the past year and half by fighting for the same 3rd Ward City Council seat.

Mendez said he appeared at the event to show support for the Jamaican community. He said considerable number of Jamaicans live in the 3rd Ward.

“He was about to punch me,” said Mendez, speaking of McKoy, on Monday morning. “He looked like he was drunk.”

Mendez said he had a right to be at the event held at a public park.

“It was very disturbing. I’m thinking about pressing charges against him,” said Mendez.

McKoy did not return a call for comment on Monday morning.

Mendez’s friend, Omar Ledesma, was allegedly attacked by a woman at the event. Ledesma said a woman, who is tied to McKoy’s campaign, belligerently grabbed him by the shirt.

Ledesma captured both incidents using his phone camera. Some of McKoy’s allies demanded he cease recording, but he refused to comply.

Ledesma late Monday said he filed charges against the woman for alleged assault and McKoy for alleged incitement.

“It’s unacceptable what he did,” said Mendez. “I’m asking for a public apology.”

Mendez stayed at the event even after the altercation.

“I told him, ‘I’m not leaving. I’m the councilman of the 3rd Ward,’” said Mendez.

Mendez said people, mostly Jamaicans, welcomed him at the event with open arms.

“What made him so angry was that everybody was so happy to see me there,” said Mendez. “Everybody was greeting me and taking pictures with me.”

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  • Resident41

    What did Mckoy do for the 3rd ward in all those years? Mendez hasn’t done anything yet but he just got it.

  • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

    McKoy is a sour loser must be hard after being a leech for many years , get a real job .

  • Paterson Resident

    All events held in the park should be sponsored by the city through a "Community Event Committee". A ton of money is being made yearly through tables sold, etc. Every dollar made should be accounted for and those funds should be used for community improvement.

  • Chino Vargas

    Fighting for power,the best this do nothing paterson politicians do,but Patersonians loves it!!!

  • J. Brown.

    Paterson Smackdown.

  • Uptownstomp

    Bill Mckoy looking like he ready to fight lmao ……but seriously it’s a bad look.

  • John

    If Mckoy was white he would be called a racist if scenario was reversed. I guess it's alright and accepted to do what he did. SAD

    • Paterson Resident

      John, that's a discriminatory act and it is illegal.

  • Miss jamaica

    Mr mckoy as a Jamaican I would have respected you more if you had extended your hands to mr Mendez.
    You lost the election just like trump did.
    You dismissed the lawsuit that was going no where , there was no case there , it was laughable
    I would tell you to seriously consider your life as a public servant as this was not good. Truly sad

    I am still wondering 8 days later if you were
    Drunk .

    Remember the comment
    You are not Jamaican when you try to seek office/ seat in another election.
    There is not enough Jamaican in that ward to get you elected.
    Some Jamaican in that ward will tell you , you were totally ineffective.

  • MelMel BX

    So embarrassing! No wonder the young kids shoot each other daily in Paterson, you have a grown ass man who was a leader/politician ready to be violent for no reason, shame on McKoy!

  • Jonathan Barragan

    True, McCoy’s actions were dead wrong, but you can tell by the comments Mendez made that he is an instigator and he is eating up this attention. The video was taken by his friend.