Paterson to begin demolition of old Ward Street parking deck | Paterson Times

Paterson to begin demolition of old Ward Street parking deck


The obsolete Ward Street garage that has been an eyesore in downtown Paterson is expected to be demolished over the next months, officials announced on Wednesday.

Demolition of the parking deck will begin within the next two to four weeks and be completed in four months.

“This project is the driving force of downtown redevelopment and the central corridor to other revitalization efforts such as the redevelopment of Hinchcliffe Stadium, the Paterson Armory, and the continued improvements to the National Park at the Great Falls,” mayor Andre Sayegh said.

Officials held a news conference to announce the demolition on Wednesday. Demolition will pave the way for the construction of a $32 million multi-level garage that will have 865 parking spaces, including 90 in a surface parking lot. It will also include a space for bicycles and handful of electric charging ports.

Construction on the new parking deck will begin in summer 2022 and be completed a year later.

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  • aLdo

    what a waste of money

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Just like like the Wayne Ave bridge …which looks like nothing has progressed in months. Meantime parking will be near impossible downtown..even with the lot at the mall which wont be able to cope

  • Javi Chino Vargas

    ''Uhhh a working one for a new one..must be some millions involve and the ''piranas are hungry''