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Paterson school superintendent’s spokesman gets 26 percent salary increase


The school district employee who serves as the spokesman for the superintendent and the district has received a 26 percent pay increase.

Paul Brubaker’s salary jumped from $98,824 to $125,000, according to public records. His title was changed from public information officer to director of communications.

“Mr. Brubaker’s increase in salary is reflective of the many hours he puts in during evenings and weekends meeting the needs of the district, making publication deadlines, responding to media inquiries, and other responsibilities,” said superintendent Eileen Shafer. “His compensation is significantly less than that of his predecessor, and he has established a track record of reliability and effectiveness in working for the district.”

Shafer hired Brubaker in 2018.

Brubaker’s increase in the school district that has been passing on double-digit property tax increases and entreating the state for more education funding is the latest large pay increase to be scrutinized.

“He took on more responsibility,” said school board member Nakima Redmon, who is chairwoman of the school board’s personnel committee. “His salary reflects the additional responsibilities that was taken over. So, that’s the justification of why he actually got his increase.”

Previously, Shafer’s administration increased New Jersey assemblyman Benjie Wimberly’s salary from $147,105 to $169,778, according to district records, a whopping $22,600 raise. Wimberly works for the district as recreation director. Last year, the Shafer administration gave a 13 percent pay increase to assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter’s husband Kenneth Sumter.

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  • Vindicated

    I feel a tax increase for homeowners are on the way!!! These students don’t learn a thing in these Paterson schools, only how to take and sell drugs, get pregnant and collect wic, welfare, & s.s.i, and how to shoot a gun! Taking advantage of the system!

    • MarquinhoGaucho

      While I do agree with you about the taxes . But the biggest tax increases have been because of the Charter schools and their gouging of the tax payer. Tell me how a commercial rate is $3 per square foot but the charters charge $6. The board of directors with no show jobs making 6 figures. Hiring sex offenders like Manny Martinez and the payouts to his victims is over 1,000,000 alone. The students (usually the children of immigrants) who want to learn DO learn . There are many Paterson students who have made something of themselves after graduation. I lot lots of students who have become pharmacists, medial clinicians, nurses, restaurant owners, teachers, and lawyers. Are there students like those you mentioned (usually Americans) …unfortunately yes, because it all comes from home and the cycle of dependence is usually intergenerational and cyclical .