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Ex-Paterson councilman mulling run for at-large City Council seat


Former councilman Gilman Choudhury, who represented the 2nd Ward for four months last year, is mulling a run for an at-large City Council seat in next year’s municipal election.

Choudhury said he is creating an exploratory committee to determine whether to run next year. Three at-large City Council seats will be up for grabs in May 2022.

“During my time as the 2nd Ward Councilman, I fought to stabilize taxes, and enact legislation that benefits the residents. It is my desire to continue my public service and work with my colleagues to create a Paterson that will make us proud,” said Choudhury in a statement. “The next phase will be for the voters to determine if I am worthy of representing them.”

Choudhury plans to do a “listening tour” to hear from residents.

The City Council previously appointed Choudhury to fill the vacant 2nd Ward seat after a tie election.

Choudhury’s votes during his brief tenure mostly aligned with mayor Andre Sayegh’s administration.

Choudhury works as director of full service outreach & special projects at the Paterson school district for approximately $104,000. He also serves as councilman Al Abdelaziz’s legislative aide for $25,000, according to public records.

“I pledge that whatever the outcome, I will continue working towards supporting the flourishing of our communities, the protection of our youth and seniors, and greater access to opportunities for all,” Choudhury said.

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  • John

    What will become of America. God please help America

  • Javi Chino Vargas

    "There is a lot of Paterson money to be share between paterson politicians,,I'm in"

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    Mr. Choudury, in the short time he was here as councilman,was the most down to earth,humble man.A lot of us were communicating with him on Facebook. He quickly answered. I also loved how he shared his family,showed us some meals he was about to eat and was funny on top of it. I think a lot of people really l liked him as he definitely is not the average politian type.I hope he stays the way he is when elected, does not get involved with these other corrupt paterson officials, doesn't become snobby. If he stays gingerly the way we knew him, he will be councilman for many years. Just do your job and go home. Don't get tainted by all the other rotten apples.Be the change paterson needs.