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‘Paterson will rise from the ashes,’ Sayegh says in final state of the city speech for current term


Mayor Andre Sayegh delivered his final state of the city speech for his current term on Wednesday afternoon, touting his Covid-19 response, park improvements, and development projects.

Sayegh’s 45-minute speech touted his accomplishments over the past year. He mentioned the city’s financial empowerment center, guaranteed income initiative, and high single-shot vaccination rate. He also touted the renovation of the Hinchliffe Stadium that has been underway since the summer.

“We are bringing Hinchliffe Stadium back,” said Sayegh. But he also acknowledged his administration’s struggle with crime.

Paterson logged the highest murder rates in 2020 and 2021 in the past three decades.

“We did what we could to combat this epidemic within a pandemic,” said Sayegh, citing recovery of 419 guns. He pointed out police have been understaffed, citing the layoff of 125 police officers a decade ago. “We’re still reeling, but we’re going to recover.”

Sayegh aims to boost the number of officers to 439.

Sayegh delivered the speech at the City Council chambers at noon to a small audience. Four members of the City Council attended the mayor’s speech.

Council president Maritza Davila opened the speech. Council members Lilisa Mimms, Ruby Cotton, and Luis Velez also attended.

Velez, who sat through the entire speech, was unimpressed. He said Sayegh repeated the same information that he has shared in his numerous press conferences.

“I saw people sleeping,” said Velez. He said mostly public employees attended the speech. He described Sayegh’s speech as a “clown show” with baseball jokes and Abbott and Costello skit.

State of the city address is a formal speech that the mayor is required to deliver every year. Sayegh has turned it into an informal speech with talking points on slides.

Velez said Sayegh had four years to rebuild the ranks of police, but failed to do it.

“The city looks like a garbage field,” said Velez. He is challenging Sayegh for the mayor’s seat in May.

Mimms said she came to the speech late and declined to comment.

“I didn’t watch it. I don’t think I missed much,” said councilman Flavio Rivera. He said services for residents has not improved.

Sayegh spent some time talking about his success with vaccinating residents against Covid-19. He did not mention that he drastically reduced the city’s vaccination program last month.

“Paterson will rise from the ashes of the pandemic,” said Sayegh towards the end of the speech, which was delivered on Ash Wednesday.

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  • Plumber

    This guy is a straight up jerkoff, get rid of him and unfortunately the citizens of paterson will vote in another jerkoff, poor paterson, love paterson, and the hard working citizens but I hate the politics

    • me


  • J. Brown.

    Paterson will only rise and get better once he's out of office.

    • Virginia Wright

      Unfortunately, whoever replaces him will probably be just as bad…or worse.

  • November is coming

    This clown is in love with himself, thinks he's a Hollywood star, now because elections are in the corner he thinks he can fool Patersonians with his speeches,,see you at the polls

  • Miss jamaica

    Paterson will rise from the ashes .what ashes.
    I wish everyone of these politicians including these councilman and women will go back and watch president Obama 2004 speech and know that this is the America/Paterson that dream of .This city can be great we just need the right person.
    This is not about democrats or republicans this about who care enough to get us Paterson to where we should be. I still believe the right candidate is out there.

    Our councils must work together for good of this city/ Paterson.
    This is my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    sayegh is a socialist,socialism, communism has NEVER worked ever. That's why there's only 4 countries in the entire world of almost 200 countries still commie, and 2 of those will soon no longer be,but because paterson residents are too busy to educate themselves on the subject,they just go along with whatever like a herd of sheep.Keep watching mainstream media so you can be lied to,manipulated and brainwashed instead of getting off your butts and seeking truth.Keep putting your hand out for more "free" everything instead of working and then complain you are opressed,poor,mistreated,etc- you are bringing it on yourselves,digging your own graves and too dumb to realize it.Wake the heck up.