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‘This is my primary residence,’ says Goow from his family’s Paterson home


Former councilman Aslon Goow, sitting in his dining room at his family house on Edmund Avenue on Tuesday afternoon, urged voters “not to believe a word” of the allegations that he does not reside in Paterson.

“I’ve been here all my life,” said Goow. He said he has lived at the Edmund Avenue home since he was ten. His family has owned the property on Edmund Avenue since 1969. “This is my primary residence.”

Goow showed his driver’s license which has his residence as Edmund Avenue. His GEICO car insurance and EZ-Pass statements are also at the same address. He also showed a PSEG bill that came to the house addressed to him. He said his federal tax returns also have the Edmund Avenue address.

“There’s a cloud over my head right now,” said Goow referring to the allegations that he lives with his wife in West Milford. Asked why he does not live with his wife, he replied, “Our relationship is different.”

A private investigator, funded by prominent developer Charles Florio, conducted surveillance at the Paterson and West Milford homes for a 12-day period this month. His report stated Goow does not reside in Paterson.

Goow said the private investigator’s report does not prove anything. “So, what if I’m at West Milford for two weeks?” said Goow, who is running for mayor.

Goow had to make some changes to his living arrangement. He allowed his sister and her ill husband to live at the Edmund Avenue house. He allowed them to take over the master bedroom while he stays at a small guestroom in the house.

His brother-in-law has been receiving medical treatment in the United States. His sister said she has been living at the property since September after they arrived in the U.S. for medical treatment from Turkey. As Goow spoke, an oxygen machine ran in the background, supporting his brother-in-law.

“I’m helping my family,” said Goow.

Goow said it’s “shameful” that mayor Andre Sayegh is targeting mayoral candidates using private investigators and the court system.

Sayegh did not respond to a message for comment.

Goow said he invited both Florio and Sayegh to stop by his house so he can show them he lives on Edmund Avenue.

Florio had surgery and could not attend. Sayegh was never sent a direct invite by Goow.

“He doesn’t really live there,” said Florio speaking of Goow. “His neighbors haven’t seen him.”

Florio said he doesn’t blame Goow for moving out of Paterson given the poor quality of life.

“He has got a major ego problem,” said Goow calling Florio “narcissistic.” Florio had the private eye follow Goow after the latter made comments at a City Council meeting. Florio felt the comments targeted him even though Goow never mentioned the developer’s name.

“I point out he does not live in Paterson and I have a ego problem. That’s actually the nicest thing anyone said about me — tell him I said, ‘Thank you,” remarked Florio.

Sayegh supporter Haytham Younes filed a lawsuit seeking to disqualify Goow from running for mayor.

Younes owns a building where Sayegh recently opened a campaign office.

No court date has been scheduled in the case.

Goow said he had reporters at his house on Tuesday to remove the “perception” that is being created that he does not reside in Paterson.

“I’m not going to be distracted by this,” said Goow.

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  • TK Kirkland

    And Trumps hairpiece really grew from his scalp!

    • HankMorgan

      Trump doesn’t wear a hairpiece.
      Once again, the “Master of All Knowledge” (TK Kirkland), fails the punctuation test as well as the reality test. Ego, ignorance and arrogance trump nothing.

  • Paterson Resident

    The FBI should investigate every single one involved. Paterson should no be for sale!

  • bigron

    Go Goow!

    • J. Brown.

      No Goow!

  • Ablej

    That man is a Saint he basically gave his home to his sister so they can live comfortably. This is the kind of man who can fix paterson. Charles florio is another Saint he loves paterson as well.

  • Resident41

    Well in part, florio is right. Almost none of them really live in Paterson. The quality of live is really bad everywhere around the city. They got addresses in the city and all but they’re not awaken at 2 A M by load music that plays all night long. Their kids don’t go to school or parks in the city, they don’t shop at downtown so they really don’t give a $hit other than getting Paid.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    Is Goow a Hizmet member and part of the Gulenist cult ? that has been fleecing the taxpayers with their "charter" schools in Paterson which in reality is a front for fund raising for their overthrow of the Turkish government

    • HankMorgan

      I don’t know. Please enlighten us.

      • MarquinhoGaucho

        Part of Gulen;s teachings is a Hizmet take over of the government…that's why the coup attempt in Turkey put him on the most wanted list on terrorism charges

        • HankMorgan

          I’m quite capable of using Wikipedia. My comment actually begs an explication your serious and disturbing insinuation. If you have any information which may actually link Goow to the “Gulenist cult”, his support of charter schools and how Paterson charter school profits are funding a terrorist organization attempting to overthrow the Turkish government you should speak with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is an office in Woodland Park.
          You seem frightened to offer any support for your insinuation here.
          Thus, I refuse to give your comment any credibility.

          • MarquinhoGaucho

            Part of the Gulenist agenda is a government takeover within, he has emphatically endorsed and supported the Gulen charters in Paterson for years leading PPS in financial ruin

          • HankMorgan

            You offer no proof for these allegations. Exactly how do you know which charter schools are Gulen? Exactly how much PPS money did the Gulen charters siphon and how do you know? Where, how and when has Goow “emphatically endorsed and supported the Gulen charters in Paterson”?
            Your complete inability to offer any support for your comments is irksome. You have no credibility.

          • HankMorgan

            You’re really starting to sound like a lunatic. I’m pretty sure that if you did decide to take these completely unsupported allegations to an FBI field office you’d be laughed out of the building.

          • HankMorgan

            Maybe I’ll start calling you Groucho Marqui!

  • john smith

    So instead of Paterson simply being his place of residence, it is his "primary" residence. I think I get it.

  • Serbes Nick

    What a great wake up was when all of paterson communities thought of O N E P A T E R S O N as inclussion
    nothing but dream let's hope for the best Mendez give it all you got money or election fund means nothing just be sincere and honest GOOD LUCK TO ALL CANDIDATES love yourself lonely people have a great one to all the people..