Sayegh holds big lead in fund raising over rivals in Paterson mayoral race | Paterson Times

Sayegh holds big lead in fund raising over rivals in Paterson mayoral race


Incumbent mayor Andre Sayegh has nearly 20 times more money in his campaign account than his closest rival, according to 29-day pre-election reports mayoral candidates filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

Sayegh has $380,655 in his campaign account. Councilman Alex Mendez has just $19,543, according to 29-day pre-election reports filed by both men.

Councilman Luis Velez had even less with just $9,225.

“I can’t compete with him on money because he has been selling the city to his friends and special interest. He’s the most corrupted mayor we’ve had in the city’s history,” said Mendez, who was knocking on doors and campaigning on Tuesday. “I’m not selling myself to special interest. I want to represent the residents of Paterson.”

Mendez said Sayegh can have all the money in the world, but he does not have the support of the people.

“Paterson residents are clear. They can’t wait to take him out of office,” said Mendez speaking of Sayegh.

Mendez said he has two more fundraisers planned to support his campaign.

Sayegh accused Mendez of committing fraud on Tuesday afternoon.

“Looks like he is citing a fraudulent account on his campaign paraphernalia. I sense another investigation into his wrongdoing,” said Sayegh.

Sayegh said Mendez’s campaign committee is called “Alex Mendez for Mayor,” but his campaign materials say paid for by “Alex Mendez for Paterson.”

Paid for by signs must match the information that appears on a campaign’s certificate of organization and depository, according to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) regulations.

Former councilman Aslon Goow and councilman Michael Jackson missed the deadline to file their campaign finance reports.

“There was really not much activity,” said Goow. He said has his first fundraiser is this Thursday.

Goow said he intends to file his report this week.

“He’s going to need $10 million just to be able to compete,” said Jackson of Sayegh’s massive fundraising advantage.

Jackson has often called Sayegh and his team at City Hall incompetent because of what he sees as their numerous failures over the past four years.

“Campaigning isn’t always about money,” added Velez. “He can have all the money he wants, but the people are unsatisfied with his administration.”

Jackson said he will file his report in the next “few days.”

“Even with all that money, he knows he’s losing this election,” said Mendez.

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  • Sirrano Keith Baldeo

    Yep, I keep saying it, those rich white folks including Murphy want's Paterson really bad so they are funneling their money though corrupt Sayegh to get Paterson. Then the buy out the properties, make it high quality, they taxes go up and they blacks and Latinos can't pay so the sell to them and move out, then the make it like Hoboken for the other rich white folks from New York. Mark my work, it will be a whites only town soon with Sayegh.

    • John

      I am Hispanic but you keep sayin things about white folks. Sayegh is not white, he's a Muslim. No whites moving in. What part of Paterson u see all white folks moving in? You sound confused brother. This Mayor is no good for America

      • Paterson Resident

        They will be back!

    • November is coming

      I believe it,I get calls from all over offering to buy my property,but offered peanuts for it all the time,allways big investors firms

  • Paterson Resident

    God knows we can't take few more years of Andre. How will we leave our house without worrying about getting shot at or shot?

  • John

    Sayegh beats all of them on raising pay to play money, shootings, murders. Did u know not one of these new buildings pay any taxes to Paterson? Imagine the extra resources needed. Wake up dummy Patersonians.

  • John

    Because it's muslim.

  • November is coming

    PATERSON<> and the proof comes out on elections times