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Spencer: I withdraw from 1st Ward special election


September 28, 2015, at a First Ward Candidate Forum, I used an inappropriate and hurtful word and comment during a public speech. I would like to submit my sincere and heartfelt apology to all the participants inclusive of the residents, organizations and other candidates.

As a political candidate, with aspirations to represent the residents of the First Ward and the City of Paterson I deeply and sincerely apologize to all. This comment was offensive to the Black community and people of color in general.

The N word used by my generation no matter how it is spelled should be abolished throughout our vocabulary and mindset. I sincerely could not fathom the impact of my statement that was generated throughout my community.

However after much soul searching, I have identified not just the historical nature but the pain and offensive nature that this word has caused to the black community and people of color.

I am asking for forgiveness of my community for what they have endured with this label, and I also ask my generation to understand that the N word is unacceptable in any form or fashion and to stop with the self-inflicting derogatory label. As a young black woman, I have worked my entire adult life uplifting my condition and the condition of my community.

As a black mother, wife, woman, I will educate my family and the community as a whole of the history revolving around the N word; I will set an example to others through education surrounding the historical nature of this word.

I ask for your support, guidance and prayers to become a more enlightened person and stronger leader for my community and city. In the upcoming months, I will work diligently to eliminate the N from the consciousness, vocabulary and mindsets of my generation.

I withdraw my candidacy from the November 2015 election cycle and I will spend these next few months and thereafter working to teach my community to reject any form of the N word being used in any format.

This withdrawal for the November election is to give my community an opportunity and the First Ward residents to move forward without controversy and to have representation leading into the May election.

Written by Alveria Spencer.

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