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Paterson election results for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th wards


As the votes are tallied from Tuesday’s municipal elections the results for the six wards will appear on this page. These are unofficial results. Mail-in and and provisional ballots have yet to be counted.

1st Ward

Antoinette Brevard:  212
Michael Jackson:  936
Veronica Ovalles:  389

2nd Ward

Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman:  1346
Eddie Gonzalez:  472
Aslon Goow:  726
Shahin Khalique:  1386

3rd Ward

William McKoy:  1028
Lilisa Mimms:  479
Flavio Rivera:  718
Kenneth Simmons:  351

4th Ward

Ruby Cotton:  772
Della Fischer:  609
Juan Kivelier Sosa:  300

5th Ward

Luis Velez:  1001
Wendy Guzman: 553
Chrystal Cleaves: 371

6th Ward

Andre Sayegh: 1569
Al Abdelaziz: 1084

Final results of the 2016 municipal elections can be found here: Jackson, Khalique, McKoy, Cotton, Velez, Sayegh win council seats.

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  • Guest

    I hope we can still count on our justice system to perform a swift and honorable investigation and deliver justice concerning the mail in ballot situation in the 2nd Ward. If not, it just perpetuates dirty campaign tactics, not to mention federal law breaking concerning mail and fraud. Evidence is present. Will justice prevail??