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Paterson school district awards almost $372,000 contract for central office facelift, repairs


The city’s school district awarded a $371,786 contract to a New York company for facade repair and coating replacement at the Board of Education headquarters on Delaware Avenue.

Staten Island-based M&M Construction Technology, Inc. was awarded the contract by the school board on Wednesday evening. This contract will not only provide a facelift to the central office, but also correct problems impacting the building, said officials.

“This building is leaking all over the place,” Steve Morlino, the district’s facilities director, told the school board. There’s also the obvious issues with the building like missing cement fixtures and the peeling facade.

Morlino said work also includes complete waterproofing of the building’s exterior, window lintel sealing, repairs to the loading dock area, and addressing the leaky roof.

The district leases the 31,185 square-foot building at 90 Delaware Avenue from RD Management. The agreement calls for annual payments between $1.2 million to $1.6 million, according to the district.

“We are wasting our money to do this when we could have had the building,” said Jonathan Hodges, school board member. He said the state placed restriction on the district which prevented it from entering into a lease-purchase agreement to acquire the building at the end of the long-term lease agreement.

Business administrator Daisy Ayala said the district attempted to work out a lease-purchase of the building under a new agreement, but the owner wanted $40 million.

M&M was the “lowest responsible” bidder out of 12 companies, said Morlino. He said the highest bid for the project came in at over $1 million.

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  • Irish Eyes

    I want the persons name who signed the lease that requires us to make structural repairs such as roofing, leaks and facades. Isn't that the point of leasing, not owning?

    • Yogi Zuna

      You have to laugh (or cry) when the renter is responsible for normal upkeep and repairs on a home or building. Shameful.

  • Titi Nina

    "Wasting money…" My thoughts exactly! Dont we lease this building? Yes we do. If I leased an apartment, would I be responsible for the exterior of the apartment building or for making its repairs. As a district we continue to make bad business decisions and bad educational decisions.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    remember the fiasco with the district's windows a few years back. It seems that Donnie Evans hasn't learned his lesson. What kind of renter has to pay for up keep? The BOE should fire him for being an incompetent buffoon. But as the court papers showed Evans is a Christie lackey. Christie says "jump" and Evans says "how high sir?" he doesnt care about our children, just serving his overlord and profiting all they way so the fat cats profit and the district can be run to the ground , so the charter vultures come swooping in.