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City wants to bar downtown Paterson motorists from making right turn on red


The city is seeking to forbid motorists from making right turn on red light in the downtown Paterson commercial business area to improve safety for pedestrians. The governing body on Tuesday granted preliminary approval to bar drivers from making right turns on red at 16 intersections, mostly in downtown Paterson.

Council members were somewhat divided on barring right turn on red in the busy intersections. William McKoy, Shahin Khalique, Alex Mendez, Andre Sayegh, and Luis Velez supported the measure.

“I think the inconvenience will improve pedestrian safety,” said William McKoy, 3rd Ward councilman.

Andre Sayegh, 6th Ward councilman, mentioned motorists’ inability to make right turn on red in New York City. He thinks the new measure will protect shoppers from being hit by vehicles while crossing the intersections.

Councilmen Michael Jackson and Kenneth Morris thought it will create great inconvenience for drivers.

“We’re going to create more laws, but we have a shortage of cops to enforce,” said Jackson, who represents the 1st Ward, where majority of the intersections are in. “I’m not sure this is going to have an impact. It’s more of a hindrance.”

The same proposal was put off in April. It had 20 intersections rather than the 16 now.

“Personally, I like the ability to make that right turn on red. It helps speed up my commute,” said Morris, councilman at-large.

Turn on red will be prohibited in most of the intersections from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.:

  • Main Street and Broadway
  • Main Street and Van Houten Street
  • Main Street and Ellison Street
  • Main Street and Market Street
  • Main Street and Ward Street
  • Grand Street and Railroad Avenue (no turn on red anytime)
  • Main Street and Grand Street
  • Grand Street and Marshall Street
  • Grand Street and Mill Street
  • Mill Street and McBride Avenue extension (no turn on red any time)
  • Memorial Drive and Ellison Street
  • Memorial Drive and Market Street
  • Market Street and Washington Street
  • Market Street and Cianci Street
  • Market Street and Mill Street
  • Market Street and Spruce Street (no turn on red any time).

The measure received preliminary approval in a 5-2 vote.

Council members will hold a public hearing on Oct. 24, 2017 at 7 p.m. inside City Hall prior to granting final approval.

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  • peejay1954

    More laws to generate more revenue. That's the bottom line. make everything illegal. There's too many No Turn on Red Signs throughout Paterson and all communities across the USA. Pedestrian Safety? I was taught at a very young age to watch for traffic when crossing a street because even if I'm in the right, I WILL LOSE.

    I see maniacs riding their bicycles wildly through the streets not caring at all about any cars around them.
    Dirt bikes ridden without helmets, insurance or registrations. So many double parked cars creating a hazard. We'd be better of putting up signs for pedestrians telling them to pay attention and be aware and LOOK when crossing traffic. Also, for pedestrians to cross at designated crossing areas, not in the middle of streets.

    • John Smith

      Everything you are saying is true, but it's off topic. Downtown Paterson has a lot of people walking around and crossing the streets. It's a shopping district. Cars should not be turning on red when large numbers of people are crossing the street in a shopping area. Drivers should not even be considering making that turn on red.

      Sure, pedestrians and kids do things wrong… Quite often, in fact.. All the more reason that cars should not be making right turns on red lights in Paterson's shopping areas.

      • Pat town guy

        Even were there with no pedestrians around at a given moment, a driver still has to to stop and look both ways before turning on red. Putting a sign up forbidding turns, adds to traffic congestion which also is more dangerous to pedestrians. This sign issue would never be a problem if every walked or drove with common sense

        • John Smith

          Sure… But we are not talking about "a driver." It's about downtown Paterson and heavy duty rush hour traffic. You know.. HONK HONK HONK! MOVE! MAKE THE TURN AND GET OUT OF MY WAY.. HONK HONK HONK HONK. I live just a few blocks from Main Street… My description is a bit exaggerated, but not much.

          Your argument should be that the right turn on red helps to keep traffic moving. You should be saying that turning right on red helps to cut down on unsafe anger and frustration among drivers as well as helping to keep traffic moving.

          I just assume that you drive a car AND cross the streets in traffic.. Most of us do… It is not difficult to understand both sides of the argument.

          Now if you'll excuse me, I must go out and honk my horn like a madman in rush hour traffic so those drivers will make that right turn on red and get out of my way.