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Teague: Hodges for school board president


With the recent school board election behind us, the political focal point for 2018 has shifted to the coveted president’s gavel. We all know the Paterson Public School District is headed for local control in the very near future. This means that the local school board commissioners will literally hold the keys of power in the school district.

With the academic outcomes of nearly 29,000 students hanging in the balance we must move forward with a board president who has the experience necessary to lead. It’s not just about the many years he served. It’s also about the quality of service he has rendered to the district. This is no slight against any of the other commissioners.

I believe in time they can all learn the process enough to serve as president. The reality is that our school district has made some gains in recent months and we cannot afford to get sidestepped by a popularity contest.

The future of our school district is far too important to have anyone at the helm who isn’t fully knowledgeable of the issues, process, procedures and or overall functioning of the school district’s business.

Jonathan Hodges is fully equipped and trained for the task. Again, I have confidence that in time the other board commissioners will be trained and equipped as well. But I don’t believe this moment is the time for “on the job training” when it comes to the president’s gavel.

Corey Teague
Former school board member and activist

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  • MarquinhoGaucho

    The Charter lobby will never endorse Hodges, they want another corrupt puppet to do their bidding.