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Paterson to resurface 23 roadways, says mayor Sayegh

The worn-out and damaged blacktop on Danforth Avenue.

The city is moving to resurface two dozen roadways over the next five months, announced mayor Andre Sayegh on Wednesday afternoon.

Sayegh is targeting 23 roadways that have been the subject of many resident complaints. He recalled attending a celebration at the St. Bonaventure’s Church when parishioners approached him with a complaint and a question.

“What they wanted to know was when Danforth Avenue would be resurfaced,” said Sayegh, standing on the corner of Danforth Avenue and Ramsey Street. “Danforth will be resurfaced starting this fall.”

The work to repair Danforth Avenue from McBride Avenue to Ramsey Street has begun. Public works officials showed newly repaired accessibility ramps and raised manhole covers.

The worn-out and damaged blacktop on Danforth Avenue.

The worn-out and damaged blacktop on Danforth Avenue.

Public works director William “Billy” Rodriguez said the city is waiting for PSEG to complete its work laying gas pipelines before work can begin on repaving the actual roadway. He expects the pipeline work to be completed in September. Road resurfacing will commence in October.

“So many people came into church frustrated because they thought their cars were falling apart,” said Francis “Frank” McHugh, associate pastor for the St. Bonaventure’s Church. He said his parishioners will be happy to know city officials are listening and taking actions to address their concerns.

It was difficult to hear some speakers as cars zoomed past on nearby Route 80.

“When our community speaks. We as elected officials — we hear what you are saying and we respond to your request,” said Lilisa Mimms, councilwoman at-large.

Sayegh announces his road repair plan in front of the St. Bonaventure's Church on Ramsey Street.

Sayegh announces his road repair plan in front of the St. Bonaventure’s Church on Ramsey Street.

Some roadways have been untouched for years, said Ruby Cotton, 4th Ward councilwoman. “There are so many streets that haven’t been paved in 20-25 years,” she said referring to roadways in the 4th Ward.

The funds to repair the roadways are from two sources, the annual New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT) grant and mayor Jose “Joey” Torres’ $37 million road reconstruction project.

9 roadways will be resurfaced using $1.2 million state grant. 14 will be resurfaced using funds his predecessor borrowed to repair all primary roadways.

The project covers 6.65 miles of roadway, according to public works officials.

“This is where it all emanated from,” said Sayegh referring to the complaints he received about Danforth Avenue at the church.

Danforth Avenue was placed on the list to be repaired using state grant funds in 2015.

The other 22 roadways being resurfaced are:

  1. Jefferson Street from Burhans Avenue to presidential Boulevard
  2. Ryle Avenue from Totowa to Matlock Street
  3. Totowa Avenue from Ryle Avenue to West Broadway
  4. Temple Street from Burhans Avenue to Presidential Boulevard
  5. 8th Avenue from Madison Avenue to McLean Boulevard
  6. East 16th Street from River Street to 4th Avenue
  7. Sparrow Street from River Street to North York Street
  8. North York Street from Lyons Street to Sassafras Street
  9. Carroll Street from Harrison Street to Hamilton Avenue
  10. Van Houten Street from Straight to East 18th Street
  11. Madison Street from 20th Avenue to Cedar Street
  12. Summer Street from Pearl Street to 16th Avenue
  13. Marshall Street from Oliver to Grand Street
  14. Pearl Street from Straight to East 18th Street
  15. Rosa Parks Boulevard from Ellison to Pearl Street
  16. Rosa Parks Boulevard from Park Avenue to Oak Street
  17. Park Avenue from Straight to East 18th Street
  18. Park Avenue from Market to Straight Street
  19. Thomas Street from Main Street to West Railway Avenue
  20. George Street from Main Street to West Railway Avenue
  21. Alabama Avenue from East Railway to Trenton Avenue
  22. Dundee Avenue from East Railway to Lakeview Avenue.

“Our goal is to finish at the end of the year,” said Sayegh.

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  • ibby omar

    bloomfield ave between main and getty . you can’t drive on that street without hitting a pothole .

  • peejay1954

    The roads were promised to be repaved last year. Not one shovelfull of asphalt has been lifted yet this year. This is a waste of at least 4 months of good "paving" weather. Waiting for PSEG to finish new gas pipelines? Well, that is worthwhile, but why didn't PSEG start earlier? You know what? If their past track record continues as I've seen many times,, it'll only be a few months or weeks before they go and dig up the fresh pavement anyway! I hope the proposed finish by date of October as read above is honored

  • Dominick Perez

    Sayegh is a puppet. The puppeteer is Florio, if you look closely you can see his hand up Andre's ass. Andre knows full well that if he doesn't do as ordered he will wind up where Joey is. Joey used to be Florio's boy until he got out of line so Florio spent $1 million on private investigators to put him in prison. The slumlord is making millions in Paterson and is calling all of the shots.