Sweeper dealer sues Paterson for $65,000 in unpaid bills | Paterson Times

Sweeper dealer sues Paterson for $65,000 in unpaid bills


The company that sold the city European sweeping machines has filed a lawsuit seeking $65,209 in unpaid invoices, according to documents filed in New Jersey Superior Court late last month.

Northeast Sweepers & Rentals of Fairfield is seeking $31,724 for repair and maintenance to the RAVO 5 series sweepers and $33,485 for storing a machine at its repair facility for three years.

“Plaintiff has made repeated demands upon Defendant for the payment of the Outstanding Balance,” says the lawsuit. “Defendant has not only failed to make payment, but also made clear that it has no intent to do so, while also besmirching Plaintiff’s good name and reputation and making publicly false statements regarding their business relationship.”

Municipal officials have been unhappy with the seven European machines purchased under former mayor Jeffery Jones’ administration for $1.25 million. Public works employees have said the machines frequently broke down and required repair that only the dealer could do.

The manufacturer and dealer have said the city fails to take care of the machines and its employees operate them in a reckless manner.

Municipal officials complained the machines suffered from constant breakdowns. A report in the Paterson Times caught the attention of the Netherlands-based manufacturer which offered to refurbish the machines without cost to taxpayers.

In 2017, the firm refurbished the machines, inclusive of parts and labor, for $80,000, according to the lawsuit.

The city has had payment disputes with the company going back couple of years. In 2016, the dealer racked up a $140,000 in repair costs. It had a tough time getting the city to pay the bills.

The same year, municipal officials agreed ditch the European sweepers for American machines. Four TYMCO Model 600 sweepers were purchased for $1 million. The city had used Tymco machines until Jones’ public works director Christopher Coke purchased the RAVO 5 machines.

Four more TYMCO machines were ordered in October. Municipal officials at the time said the RAVO 5 would be sold back to the dealer.

Court documents show the city was served documents on Nov. 28, but hasn’t answered the complaint.

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  • Unc

    The city pays shit to the mechanics and you get what you pay for!! Advertise those Jobs at $80k and you'll get good mechanics, retards!!

  • Plumber

    Give the street sweepers back the city don't use them anyway

  • Miss jamaica

    I am begging them to sweep my street
    Where are they. The only time my street is clean by my house is if I do it.
    They may come twice in the summer.
    I think street cleaning is only done in certain parts of the city. Shame on the city
    As a tax payer here is another robbery to the tax payer.
    They should return then I agree.

  • iG @fonerin5

    Living at east 13th st for 11 years never street cleaning or snow removal.. thank god garbage trucks still shows up twice a week

    • Miss jamaica

      I say the same